Back from the gay pride parade!

  1. Last year I took my Monogram Speedy 30 and realized that hand held bags are no place for gay pride! Especially when you have to catch stuff at the parade. So after searching high and how, I bought the Antigua. However I found it a bit heavy when stuffed so today I ended up going with a messenger bag that my mom gave me that costs $19.99. :rolleyes:

    Anyways, at the festival after the parade, I saw a monogram speedy 30 with a lot of patina, and a dirty azur Speedy 25! First time I've seen someone else with an Azur Speedy irl! :nuts:

    Here are some pics from today:

    Thought this picture was really sweet. This was at the beach in front of the festival.
  2. Did you have fun with all those sexy men? I really like all the eye candy that was on the stage!
  3. Yup! :graucho:

    One of them backed up into me at the festival, and was all apologetic and touching my arm. :p

    And when I was walking down the street before the parade started, one of them handed me a free schick quattro razor. They handed them out during the parade also but not everyone got one. At the festival, only the disposable ones were available for everybody.
  4. Oh yeah, and in the morning I walked past LV and they had the LVOE totes on display in the window. The Khaki PM (and MM I think) are still available if anyone is interested. There was also one in Ecru at the window.

    And I also saw someone carrying a black epi Speedy when I was walking to my bus.
  5. I agree that last pic was sweet :smile:

    It looked like a great day! :biggrin:
  6. There's a festival here every year also (don't remember when) but my aunt and her friends always go, I don't know why I've never gotten a chance to celebrate in the festivities. :nogood:
  7. Wow! I see MC swimming trunks!
  8. Where was this? I always thaught we were the only ones that did gay pride (Amsterdam)
  9. Oh yeah, Canadian swimming gold medalist, Mark Tewksbury was in the parade, sitting on one of the cars and waving at everybody! Too bad I didn't get a picture of him! :push:
  10. You mean on the float? Those are briefs. :nuts:
  11. great photos! Love the last one too :okay: I wish I could've went to Pride in SF, I could've had fun and went to LV. Double the reasons to celebrate :yes:
  12. No, we also do them here in Chicago. :smile:
  13. I love those pictures! What a great parade. I wish there was more love in the world versus hate. What a great way to start my day being thankful~ Thank you:heart:
  14. Great pics arnott, the third one is so sweet!

    --- Saturday in nyc when I came out of the train station, I saw 3 damiers and 2 monograms in just one block, then 2 more damiers and 1 azur in the next block. Quite an LV rush it was.:lol:
  15. Great pics Arnott!

    What city was this in???