back from the boutique with a little something...

  1. today i got a call from my SA that a pair burgundy Evidence sunglasses have arrived. so i just had to drop everything and come over ASAP. i tried both Western and Eastern fittings and they both didn't suit my face :sad: the western was too big that it sat on my cheeks. it moved up and down when i spoke. while the Eastern sat way too high up my nose bridge that my eyebrows were almost halfway down the lenses! sadly, it just wasn't for me. i was also hoping they would have a Suhali Zippy for me to inspect but they didn't have any of the new Suhali items in yet. anyway, i couldn't leave empty-handed of course. so i got this instead:


    its the new Damier Geant beanie which just arrived this morning. it was perfect timing as it's been one of the coldest weeks here in Melbourne. its also available in grey and dark brown. i've been looking for a black one and almost settled for a very similar beanie from Prada. im glad i didn't. :tup:
  2. Nice :nuts: Congrats :smile:
  3. I was thinking "huh? beanie in july?" then I realized that it's winter time in australia :push:
    cute beanie!! congrats!
  4. Aww, sorry about the Evidence. Bet the beanie looks cute on ya, congrats :smile:

    I've rethought about the Evidence too, perhaps the Ursula would be a better fit for me.
  5. Me likey!!! Now we're kinda like beanie twins? :p

    Sorry to hear the news about the Evidence sunnies... :tdown:
  6. here's a modelling pic just for you:



    im not really upset that the Evidence didn't work out. i wasn't in love with it anyway. even the Obsession carré in dark tortoise fit me better. they also had the Tonga in black and khaki and i like those more than the Evidence. but not enough to buy it just yet.
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Like your new beanie!
  9. Great purchase! Congrats!
  10. thanks guys!

    by the way, i finally saw the Waterproof Keepall and though it looked great, it didn't have enough charisma for me to want it then and there. the fact that i forgot to mention it on the first post is proof. plus the zipper snaps shut that it was almost a struggle to open. even my SA had trouble opening it. im pretty sure id be so annoyed that it needs two hands to unzip it.
  11. cool hat...
  12. very nice!

    I've seen the waterproof keepall too it doesn't have the same omph as the regular keepall
  13. Oooooo, nice hat!!!!

    Your gonna be stylin with that hot number!!!!!!!!!

  14. congrats!
  15. Very nice :smile: