Back from SF Hermes

  1. Well, DH and I went to SF yesterday and it was a beautiful day! We went to Hermes and looked at everything, I mean everything! :lol: The SA that helped us was Jared. He was so nice and knowledgeable. He pulled out so many bags for me to try on. I was mostly in love with orange and they had a orange Picotin in togo which felt so soft, squishy and wonderful. They still had the orange Plume that I'm in love with. I tried on the small Vespa in white and it is so gorgeous. They had a tiny Evelyne in orange that was cute. Then Jared showed us wallets. I loved the Dogon (in orange of course). Then we looked at bracelets and scarves. It was nice because we were the only customers in the store so it was fun to just take our time and see everything. Jared told us the little stories behind each item. I asked about my beloved Garden Party Twilly in brown/orange and he checked and said SCP has a bunch of them (about 20) so when I am ready, he can have one overnighted to the SF store. :yahoo: Now I just have to keep on savin'. :lol: I ended up falling in love with the Zebra scarf in orange with blue zebras. :love: And it looks so cute on the new LV Saleya PM that my sweet DH bought for me to celebrate my new job! :yahoo: I set up everything to take pictures and then my camera's battery promptly died so I will post pics when I get back from the store. :biggrin:
  2. thanks a lot for sharing love your story :flowers: oh and your hubby is a sweety :love: congrats :flowers:
  3. Thank you Lilach! :flowers:
  4. fun!! I'm loving the brighter colors too lately like orange. Shhhh...I think it's the fault of this Forum. I'd love to see the Zebra scarf!! Cool to mix LV with Hermes...all from France!
  5. Sounds like you had a great day at that redundant?
  6. Great day!! sounds fun -- and I just recently also bought the LV bag to replace a bag I sold last year that I miss -- you will enjoy that too!
  7. Aahhhh, orange - lovely! Sounds like a fun time playing with those goodies!!!
  8. Congrats, crochetbella! Love both the bag and the scarf, great choices! Can't wait to see pictures :smile:
  9. Crochetbella, glad you had a wonderful time! Jared's very nice, I agree! He just moved to the SF store from the Beverly Hills store.
  10. It sounds like you had a very enjoyable visit. I can't wait to see pics of your scarf! Congrats!
  11. Good for you! Love when people buy goodies and then share them.
  12. Thanks everyone!!!! :biggrin: My allergies are acting up so I haven't gotten the batteries for my camera yet but I will post pics tomorrow. I forgot to say that I also got the "how to tie a scarf" catalog and have been drooling over the pics, especially that plume that started Shopmom's search for the plume. :biggrin: I didn't know that Jared was from the BH store! He had mentioned that they had some red Garden Party bags there along with the black and brown. He is so knowledgeable even DH commented on how much he knew and how interesting it was. :biggrin: I just keep thinking about that orange Dogon wallet and how good it felt. It just felt like luxury. :lol: I really think I need one (eventually!) :shame:
  13. I too love Hermes things in orange- their signature color!
  14. Good for you Crochet!! I'm glad you had a nice time and celebrated succesfully your new job...;) :flowers:
  15. Congrats on your scarf and I'm glad you had a grand time at Hermès. Hope your allergy goes away too!