back from outlet

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  1. I just came back from the outlet in camarillo. Wasnt really looking for anything as i just got the whiskey shoulder bag and just ordered the white hippie bag (after returning the whiskey).....

    but i found a few things, a wristlet, a scarf and a pony scarf, a butterfly keycahine and a soho bag.....Almost everything was an extra 20%

  2. what a steal!
  3. Great deals! Love everything you got!
  4. Great loot! I picked up that pony scarf a few weeks back too...its become my most used scarf! Enjoy!
  5. Gorgeous! I love the soho bag - it's such a pretty color!
  6. we're scarf twins (scratch that, triplets with shellbell)!!!

    gorgeous stuff!
  7. Congrats! Nice!!!
  8. Cute!!!!
  9. Those are nice! Did you by chance see any Shoulder Totes? I was thinking of driving up to Camarillo one of these days. Thanks!
  10. nice! DAMN....why doesn't Spore have outlets... the Coach prices here are atrocious...u guys just wont believe it!!!!:yucky:
  11. Great stuff! Conrgats!