Back from Mulberry heaven in London

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  1. As this was really a business trip, I didn't have a lot of time for shopping, and therefore no visit to an outlet either, but at least I managed to see the flagship in Bond Street and Selfridges - very friendly SAs!

    At Bond Street, they have the Kate Moss Alligator Bays to drool over (and to take home for £ 7500). I absolutely loved their display of Ledburies, made me realize what a cute bag this is and I should really take mine out more often! And Harrods had the (I think) python Roxy in a vitrine, probably the same one I saw there last time. I also saw the new aqua Mabel and a choice of items in fuchsia patent. Really suited the spring feeling there last week, lots of color, compared to our very limited choice here which comes mainly in oak and black!

    I hardly ever see Mulberry bags in the streets here, and I was so impressed how many people carried Roxies, Anthonies and - by far the most - Bays through the capital. I saw a lady with the bi-color Bays with the fringe/pearl decoration, and I sat next to a woman on a bus who had what I believe is the conker - non-darwin - leather Bays, well-worn, but I was too shy to ask her ...

    Mulberry at Terminal 5 didn't have a big choice, so I didn't really compare prices, and I wouldn't recommend to wait for the return journey if one is after something special.

    And finally, here is what came home with me - justifiable to myself only since the € / £ relation is quite nice right now, and one of the items wouldn't be shipped abroad, so it is something special I would not normally have a chance to get my hands on ....

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  2. Oh... My.... God Speedyqueen. How uterly uterly gorgeous :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Thanks for the update on your visit, and many many congrats on your purchases. Your bays is just to die for. :nuts:

    Edit to check - what is the name of the colour, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. now thats what i call a thorough trip!
  4. Alycat, it's the purple bird - so difficult to catch on pics, here's a close-up:

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  5. Fabulous purchases, speedy :tup: That bayswater is tdf :heart:
  6. Thanks speedyqueen. It's just fabulous. :love: The skin, the colour, the style......perfection!!

    I think it's a great investment, and I'm sure you'll be loving it for years to come.

    Right, now how can I make me some extra dosh.......
  7. [​IMG]

    Two baby Bays!! How adorable!!!!!
  8. [​IMG]
    And this beauty deserved a post all to herself!! How utterly,uttery beautiful,Speedyqueen,you have exquiste taste,that bag is just beyond gorgeous!!!!
  9. Speedyqueen that bays is soooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did you get it from the flagship store???
  10. Thanks @ all!
    Yes, it is from Bond Street, and they had at least one left ;)!
    It has a suede lining which gives it a bit more shape than the unlined ones, but it is still slouchy - I do love it! :heart:
  11. very very nice. we likey!!!
  12. Wow, simply stunning. Many congrats sounds like even though it was business you still managed to have a wonderful trip.
  13. Wow - gorgeous!!! Many congrats!!
  14. Oh! What a gorgeous, gorgeous bag! Lovely colour and the ostrich leather is fab - very classy!!! Cute babies too, both of them. Congrats on a very successful trip, mulberrywise!
  15. Congratulations - that Bays is absolutely gorgeous.