Back from Kauai! Tons of Pics!

  1. We got back yesterday from a much needed and long planned vacation yesterday morning. Took a day to come down from it all. I so did not want to come back - never do. Here are a bunch of photos for you to enjoy.
    On a side note - we were told a very sad thing - Kauai has been suffering from drought conditions - this being the "wettest spot on the planet" too. They have had 56 wildfires this year alone. Unprecedented. Even some of the waterfalls were not flowing. Very sad state of affairs. And to accentuate the point, the first evening we were there, a fire broke out behind the resort in a dry field. So the first photos are of that....

    fire.jpg chopper.jpg

    Entrance to the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa
    entrance.jpg atrium.jpg

    More Hyatt
    waterfalls in background.jpg

    more photos wait a moment if you want to post.....
  2. the lagoon which we pretty much lived in....

    the seaview terrace
    terrace side view.jpg

    view from our small cabana on the beach
    small cabana view.jpg

    view of our larger cabana from the beach
    large cabana.jpg

    the Hyatt waterfalls

    Hold on! more coming.....
  3. our attempt at a sports illustrated shoot
    sports illustrated.jpg shoo on beach.jpg

    my interpretive dance on the beach (2 cocktails later)
    interpretive dance.jpg

    The "Shoos" at the Beach House restaurant in Koloa
    shoos at beach house.jpg

    My rooster buddy

    just a couple more....
  4. what would TPF vacation photos be without "the girls"? They were on vacation too afterall:

    Wapity on the beach with a cocktail
    wappity on beach.jpg

    Mot at Tidepools restaurant
    mot at tidepools.jpg

    multipli-cite on terrace.jpg
    and Multi at Seaview Terrace....
  5. I love the sports illustrated shoot!!! :smile: and you look hot! (why do I always feel like saying that is creepy) haha and the pic of you and Mr. shoo is very sweet! annnnd it looks gorgeous there!!! I wouldn't want to come home either! Wapity with a cocktail...haha
  6. Wow, you look so hot in your bikini. Your vacation looks lovely.
  7. S:huh:o pretty... lOoks like you guys had a BLAST!!! Thanks for sharing!
  8. and lastly some random private beach/Hyatt property photos....

    beach with large plant.jpg


    cliff early morning.jpg

    cabana and beach.jpg

    and Shoo in the lagoon...where I would love to retire.
    shoo in lagoon.jpg

    okay I'm done posting photos.....
  9. OMG Im sooo jealous!!!! your vacation looks beautiful, and you are soo pretty:tup:. I havent been to that island, was thinking of going instead of maui but chickened out.
  10. It looks like paradise!! I so need to go on a vacation somewhere hot!
  11. Looks like Kauai was the best medicine for you! I love Kauai; only got to walk through the Grand Hyatt (before they remodeled--it was several years ago). It looks fabulous--I could spend the entire day in the cabana. You look so relaxed. thanks for sharing the pics.

    p.s. about 9 yrs ago I had been ill for months, Illinois was having an awful winter and during a doctor visit, our wonderful family doc wrote a prescription that said "vacation now". Dh went to a travel agent and booked a trip to Kauai and about 10 days later, we went. I didn't want to come back either!
  12. It looks perfect, love that shot of you relaxing in the lagoon, drink in hand. Wish I was there...
  13. oh you must go if you want to do absolutely nothing! which is what we did. It truly is very remote, very quiet.
  14. go! go! go! [​IMG] if I did not plan this 6 months ago, I would not have gone.
  15. it truly was good for the soul! a couple of bummers though, they were building about 300 condos near the Beach House restaurant :tdown: and want to bring a 300 car ferry from Oahu in. don't know how that 2 lane hwy is going to accomodate that many cars! arg. They better not ruin the island, thats all I can say.