back fr paris...

  1. just when i login... DH goes.... "hi guys!!!" (behind me):biggrin:

    i m back...... sorry... it has been awhile....
    france was a great trip... visited my in-laws + family and we had 3 days visit in paris. we walked a lot for sightseeings.

    we had stepped into the LV main store at Les Champ-Elysees. there were a lot of people at the 1st level. i suggest that if u want to make a peaceful purchase, go to the 2nd level... there is a small corner of LV counter.:smile: if not.... saint germaine will be a better place for LV shopping. LV at Galeries Lafayettes has less customers compared to LV at Les Champ-Elysees.

    here are some pictures of LV at Les Champ-Elysees (pardon us... we had our video cam with us... the pics didnt turn out well:shame:smile: oh yes....... carrying my Sling Damier Olav PM. another pic with my newly purchased Demin baggy PM.

    i will post the purchased items shortly :amuse:
    France Aug. 07 (18)a.JPG France Aug. 07 (20)a.JPG France Aug. 07 (34)a.JPG
  2. OMG! So lucky! Can't wait to see what you got.
  3. wow sounds fun, lucky girl! I need to get myself a baggy now!
  4. our LV shopping:heart:

    DH had bought me these items:love:
    ~ Epi Ivorie jasmin
    ~ Demin baggy PM
    ~ Inclusion Keychain

    items purchased on behalf of my sister....

    ~ Epi Ivorie lockit
    ~ Damier Ribera mini
    ~ Damier porte mannaie billets cartes credit wallet
    ~ Damier pochette cles

    Mum's birthday present :smile:
    ~ Damier Porte-tresor Int'l wallet

    happy viewing!!
    J01a.jpg G01a.jpg mumsa.jpg our purchases01.jpg
  5. WOW , shopping spree!!!:yahoo: LVOE everything you got there.
    I have the ivorie epi lockit too. :p

    Glad you have so much fun. Congrats and Enjoy ur new babies.
  6. Goodness, I LOVE the Jasmin and the Baggy and the Ribera... all of them, so much!
  7. Yay! Welcome back! Congrats on the fantastic haul :biggrin:
    It must have a been a great trip!
  8. thank u....
    thanks again for the votings..... it helps a lot!! :flowers:

    on my behalf of my sister... she said "thank u":smile:
  9. Wow, it looks like u had lots of fun!
  10. Look at all your goodies!! Lovely...:drool:
  11. Wow!!Great purchases,i love everthing.
  12. Love all your purchases. Epi Ivorie jasmin is my favourite.
  13. nice!!! lovee ivoire.
  14. Welcome back. I'm glad you had a great time in paris. I'm looking forward to taking the DH someday. It wasn't as much fun going without him last year.
  15. Wow gorgeous additions :smile:!