Back for More Advice for Purchase #2


Apr 16, 2006
Philly area
You ladies were such a huge help on my first purchase the anthracite GSH coin purse, now I'm back contemplating purchase number 2 and really need more help. The bag I'm contemplating is the Mid Day in Praline GSH. I have been admiring the Praline GSH in the part time, but the shape of the mid day seems more my style, I'm not a huge fan of the sharp box shape (first, city, work), and am thinking the part time may be too short for me. I have lots of bags from a variety of designers, most recently all Bottega and although I admire the bright Balenciaga colors (especially the Marigold), its not me to wear brights. So my colors are more neutrals, creams, grays, browns, black, and some metallics. I'd like any input you have on the color--do light Bals tend to get dirty--do you consider this color light, what about the Mid Day shape, I don't see much on that one. What about the 09 leather, how does it compare. I understand the leather issues, the Chloe 05s were awesome compared to other years, soft, squishy and thick. I don't mind heavy, all my original bags are Chloes. I don't like the GGH, so the new silver is right up my alley.


Jul 21, 2008
If you're anal about not getting it dirty, Praline might not be a good color to get. The mid day is okay.

I'm anal with my mastic/oatmeal and I'm dying because I'm super sure that I'm careful, somehow when I checked my bag there were some dirtmarks and *faint* stain that I don't know where it came from!