Bachelor parties

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  1. Would you be cool with (or were you cool with) your guy going to (or being given) a bachelor party with a stripper?

    I'd like to think I'd be cool with it as long as he looked but didn't touch.

    (But I don't think I'd be comfortable with the dancer giving him a lapdance, though. If anyone is going to give him a lapdance, that person is going to be me.)
  2. Definitely not, and luckily for me, he feels the same way.

    We're both pretty old-school about stuff like that.

    He doesn't even like seeing movies with nudity in them.
  3. OMG I must confess that I find female strip clubs to be a fun (occasional!!) place to go to!!

    I totally wouldn't mind if my fiancee fact, he did not so long ago for his brother's bachelor party!! I completely trust him and he knows that he is coming home to something even hotter ;)
  4. I trust him. It really wouldn't bother me. I was at a bachelorette party last year for a friend and a male stripper showed up. It was hilarious! He gave everyone lap dances - everyone but me. I ran for the door when he came my way. He was all sweaty and gross. . .
  5. Why not? I had one hella crazy bachelorette party!

  6. I totally agree with you! I haven't gone to one yet, but I'd rather go to one of those than to a Chippendale's show, or something.

    (Ew! They're all sweaty and gross!)

    At least there's an art form for the ladies on the pole. As far as I know, those guy shows are nothing but a bunch of pelvic thrusting.
  7. Well, my bf is Jewish and they don't traditionally have bachelor parties. I'm pretty happy about that. :smile:

    But yeah if he DID go to one, as long as he didn't touch them, I'd be fine with it.
  8. Mine is Muslim. :smile:
  9. I don't mind at all, I've told him that him and his buddies should go. But he doesn't want too, buy I'm going to tell his best friend to get one for his bachelor party.
  10. Yes, I would be just fine with it. I trust Bart 100% and I know that he would not do anything and would just be watching to have some fun...No big deal!
  11. I'm getting married in 5 months and I know they are planning some sort of party for my FH. He says he'd like to go to this fancy steakhouse and then to the club. But if strippers were involved, that's fine. I won't be thrilled, but I trust him completely!
  12. the current guy i'm with...i'm not entirely sure i'd trust him in a drunken stripper situation, particularly with the kind of stripper his friends would probably hire. he hasn't done anything in particular to make me think this, but it's just sort of a feeling i have.

    hopefully the man i eventually marry will be the sort that isn't particularly amused by such things, making this a moot point. i don't have any problem with an occasional boys night out at a club, but the i find that the intent of a bachelor party is often a little more nefarious than that, since the focus is on getting the man that's about to be married to take his last chance to misbehave.
  13. My DH and I have a deal. If he wants to see someone strip, let me know and I'll do it...and so on and so on and so on. Its not that I don't trust him, I just don't think my hubby should be looking at other women naked. IMO
  14. yeah I'd be totally fine with it. Come on, it's only for a bachelor party !!!
    (It's be a totally different story if it was going on a regular basis.....)
    1 unique event in your life, the strip club thing is a "must do" for the boys and I don't even think they care too much about the women it's only for the fun.
    It's only a show, It's not like if they were going to sleep with the women....
  15. I wouldn't be thrilled to say the least. and P.S. male strippers are different because its more hilarious than serious like female strippers that completely rub their naked bodies all over them, and you know the guy is getting excited. Gross.