Baby YSL Sac De Jour Souple Duffle

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  1. Does anyone own this bag? I love the original SDJ, but the lack of closure at the top gives me anxiety! After browsing a while, I saw that YSL had this bag with a zipper. Does anyone know how the quality is and if it holds up well as an everyday bag? IMG_2873.jpg
  2. Hi I’ve also been looking at this, did you ever see it/get it in the end?
  3. I’ve seen the regular black baby sac de jour souple without the zip and the exact bag, but in pink. It’s very nice and the leather feels like high quality. The only issue for me is, I’m afraid that since the leather is so soft, it will start to cave in and slouch.
  4. Thank you! I really like it! Did you think it would be better in grey or black? Was it a nice pink or something you perceive would get dirty? I was also wondering about the zip itself, did it seem of nice quality and something you could use for everyday? Just trying to decide between this and the regular souple baby or nano- I don’t suppose you ended up getting one of those instead? Sorry for so many questions I’m very indecisive!!
  5. I think grey or black would be good for everyday use. The pink was light so it seemed as if jean colour transfer could happen. The zip was very smooth and you could make them separate like a zipper would on a jacket. I haven’t purchased it because I’m trying to decide between this bag, the LV pochette metis in empreinte leather, or the Celine belt bag in the micro.

    Here’s a link to a video see through of the bag
  6. I'm considering this bag too. I have a SDJ souple in nano and love using it. The only issue (if it can be deemed as an issue) is that it has no zip. So when I wear it on my shoulder, I worry sometimes that my items can be easily taken. Truth to be told this doesn't happen all the time as I usually wear it crossbody or hold the top handle. It's just that sometimes, I wish it has a zip so I don't worry about my things being pick-pocketed.

    Then came the year-end sale and I discovered SDJ does have a version with a zip! So now I'm in two minds...on one hand, the SDJ is in neutral colours (black, grey) which I love, and it comes with a zip. The holding capacity is perfect without making the bag too large/heavy. Plus, it's on sale! This actually makes it cheaper than my nano.

    On the other hand, I already have 9 bags and do i really need another one...

    On your concern about the leather on the souple bag being too soft and caving in, I don't see that happening with my nano. It might be because the bag is smaller, but I also stuff it properly to maintain the shape when it's not being used.
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  7. That’s interesting and a bit how i feel! Can’t decide between nano, baby or this zip one and classic or souple. Do you find things fall out of yours? Have you also seen this zip one in real life?oh and does the grey show the dirt?
  8. Nope, nothing has fallen out of my bag. I suppose it's partly the way i use it - if i need to rush i hold the top handles or carry it cross-body and both methods semi "closes" the opening so there's very little chance things can fall out.

    My nano is in light grey and there's no stain or marks so far i applied collonil gel liberally over it when i first got it though, so that helped to protect it against water and dirt. I wear it crossbody against my jeans and even then, no denim transfer either.

    I haven't seen the zip in real hoping someone can check it out in real life and let us know how it goes heh. I watched the video and truth to be told, found the clanging of the chain strap a bit too noisy for my liking.

    Have you tried the SDJ in baby and nano? Maybe wearing it will help you decide which looks better.
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    i just bought the duffle in baby size. i had originally bought the regular baby sdj souple and realized it wasn't my style. i fell in love with the duffle after watching this youtube video .
    i bought it after obsessing over it for a short minute and am going to sell the regular sdj. i have to say that although they are both souple leather, the duffle caves in more easily. probably due to a difference in the construction rather than any difference in the leather. not a dealbreaker for me but it definitely is slightly more bendy. it is also a little bit fatter from the side than i would have preferred but it's not a big deal. but overall i love it because i felt the regular sdj was too formal for my typical style and quite honestly the zipper really sealed the deal for me. it's on sale for $1850 on the ysl website if you search via google. for some reason it doesn't show up if you search within the website.
  10. Thanks so much! Which colour did you go for on your regular amd the new duffle? I’m tempted by pink but worry it will stain? It looks great but the chain seems noisy_ is that the case in real life? Are you happy to share any photos and modshots please? Thanks so much!
  11. i have black for both bags. they're both beautiful. i always buy dark colors so i have never experienced that sort of thing but i would assume any light color carries the risk of color transfer. the chain does make some noise when you set it down but it's not that excessive unless you are haphazardly dropping it on a hard desk in a quiet place. i'll post some pictures after i come home from work tomorrow!
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  12. Thanks so much, I’m looking to buy one or the other this week and would love to get in whilst still on sale, so if you’re happy to share any pics I’d be so grateful!
  13. Good idea but sadly there’s not a store in my state! Did you decide what to go with in the end?
  14. IMG-1194.JPG IMG-1195.JPG
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  15. This looks good on you! I see what you mean by the wide base - is it uncomfortable(bang around when you walk?)? Do you mind sharing your height please?