baby wipes on handles?

  1. Has anyone tried to clean their handles with baby wipes? Apparently it works for LV handles don't know about balenciaga ones though
  2. never tried on b-bags though i've tried on lv handles :smile:
  3. I was curious too. I have a white b-bag but I am too chicken to try the baby wipes.
  4. I have used the Huggies Natural on my LV bags but not on my b-bags.
  5. I'd be scared to try them on Bbags. I know they work well on LV handles with a patina, but I fear what might happen on a colored/dyed balenciaga handle.
  6. The Lovinmybags website says no baby wipes, but I can't remember what leather specifically they were concerned about. I wouldn't use them on Bbags either. Maybe on a Coach bag.
  7. Is there anything that safely cleans white bbag handles?
  8. ^^I will definitely keep that in mind. I was just curious if it would work too. Guess not:shrugs:
  9. I've used baby wipes and also leather-cleaner wipes on my B bag handles.
    I find they DO clean the leather (ie. the wipe comes away dirty-looking)... but the caveat is that it does 'dull' the shine of the leather a little. You can see the difference if you compare to the rest of the bag. Then again, it's already different looking when the handles get dirty.. which is why I still prefer to clean it - as either way, the handles are going to look dull, but at least they're clean :P
  10. It's bad enough I have to use these to wipe the tush and belly of one of my stumpy-legged dogs after her walks (otherwise her skin erupts). I am NOT going to use them on my handbags as well. I'm just not...
  11. I thought I was the only one who did that! LOL!
  12. I love baby wipes for dogs! :P