baby wipes, before and after.

  1. it darkened my vachetta a bit:


  2. wow !
  3. Were they alcohol free baby wipes?
  4. If you use baby wipes on VERY LIGHT vachetta, they can turn a shade darker and be quite visible. NEVER use them on virgin vachetta, or else it will totally throw off the color in general....
  5. I used them on my very dirtied Saumur. Yes it managed to get most of the blue jeans dye off it but the vachetta seems a bit dry after that. Any one has the same experience? And is there any way to get it moisturised again? :confused1:
  6. :yes:

  7. use a leather protector!

  8. Use Apple conditioner to get the moisture back in!

    How come you baby wiped them Ren? The handles looked good from the pics :smile:
  9. if you look closer there is some dirt
  10. i really dont see a difference ><
  11. ^ Ditto!
  12. It may have darkened a bit, but it is basically not even noticeable. If it got the dirt off I would take a slight vachetta darkening! I think it looks great.