Baby Stam - Thoughts in General?

  1. So I'm thinking about buying a Baby (Little) Stam. I'd like to get some opinions and comments on this bag. Is it too small to use everyday? Is it too dressy to use casually on "lighter" days? I have so many BIG bags, and hardly any smaller sized bags. I think my smallest bag is a Balenciaga Classique, and that worked for an everyday bag for a while (and then I "upgraded" to the City!!). I also realized last week (the day of our office Xmas party) that I didn't really have anything to use for "dressier" occasions. I know the Baby Stam will work for those times, but since I don't go "out" very often and/or get to place "dress up" I'd like to know that I'd get some use from this bag. Does anyone have any modeling pics so that I can see how big (or small) the bag really is?

    I've "resisted" the Stam for so long - mainly because of it's higher price tag - but since I'm so passionate about MJ bags, I figure it would be nice to own one of his classic "trademark" styles and now I've found a 1st season Baby Stam (w/suede lining!!) and I really want it! But I don't want it if I'm never going to have any use for it. Thoughts anyone??
  2. it is too small to wear daily, IMO. If you carry a bag with a substantial amount od items daily you wouldn't be able to carry this bag as a daily wear bag, i would get a regular stam, but I would get it if I love the stle/season and it was a good deal, as long as you know you're not getting it to use daily, however keep in mind that stams etc are on sale around this season so any stams you think would be too expensive may have already gone on sale and will probably go on a deeper sale later.
  3. With the exception of some work days the little stam size or kid size is perfect for me, but I don't carry a lot of stuff. If you check out the reference area there are pix of the girls modeling both the little stam & regular to see the size difference, but it really comes down to what you need to carry. If I carried a lot I'd get the full size. I always carry my wallet (small one), lv small agenda, keys, cell phone, lipgloss, compact, & other small items. They all fit in the little stam. If you carry much more than that I think it would be too small. I love stams! I still want a full size even though truly I do not need it!
  4. I know it's much smaller than the Stam (and most of my other bags), but I was thinking that might be a good thing since I don't own ANY smaller sized bags for lighter days - sometimes I think I carry so much stuff just becuz I can (you know - the bigger the bag, the more stuff you can load into it!) - I mean, really all I need most days are my wallet, cell phone, a small bottle of Motrin, keys - when I just looked into my bag, most of the "crap" is pay stubs, receipts, coupons, etc - not really things I HAVE to carry!!!

    I think I can make it work, but just wanted to see what others thought - Anyone else downsize to a smaller bag after carrying much larger bags???
  5. lol but to be honest, i'm not sure you can fit all that in a baby stam, at least not if your wallet is wide, but you probably could.....if you want to make that change to smaller bag i'd say go for it. let us know what you decide.
  6. Well - it's mine! An original 1st Season Baby Stam in Taupe (suede lining - Yea!!)

    I found a few pics in the Reference Section of other PF'ers w/their Baby Stams & it didn't look overly small - I hope I like it - It'll be a nice change from all the over-sized bags I've been carrying recently (it'll also give my back a much needed rest!) - I don't think I'd normally be on the lookout for a Baby Stam, but the fact that it's a 1st season with the Icy Leather & suede lining (and the color Taupe!) makes it more appealing.

    The only thing that "spooks" me a little, is her mention of the kisslock popping open (altho she says it doesn't unless it's over-stuffed) - Anyone have that problem w/their Baby Stams??
  7. For me, the bigger the bag, the more stuff ends up in it ! Sometimes, I purposely switch to a smaller bag, just to lighten the load.
  8. Congratulations!! You chose a gorgeous color! I wouldn't worry about fitting the items you listed above into it. I can fit at least all that into mine. Just make sure you don't over stuff it though or the kiss lock will pop open. Don't forget to post pics when it arrives!
  9. I've been sitting here thinking about this bag more & more and now that I think about it - It will probably work out good for work too. I usually end up carrying my handbag AND a tote bag to work anyhow (I use the Tote for my shoes, water bottle, book and dinner sometimes) - even when I'm carrying a much larger bag & there really isn't a need for both. If I use the Baby Stam for work, I'd just put more in my tote bag!!!

    One way or another I'll make it work - that was too good of a deal to pass up!!!!
  10. I stopped by Nordstroms this evening and they had a Baby Stam (in black) that I looked at - yea, it's smaller, but I'll be able to make it work! I tried it out w/a few of my things inside and I actually got my ZC to fit inside along with my phone, keys and a couple other odds-n-ends. And really, when I use the Baby Stam, I'd probably switch to my smaller MJ billfold & not use the ZC (I have an older billfold thats got tons of space inside for a smaller wallet!!) So yea!! I'm really excited and can't wait to receive it

    BTW, I did a search for past posts on the Baby Stam - is it true that the Icy leather of the Taupe and 1st season Black are softer & squishier than the leather used currently??? I think that'll make a difference too, since the bag will have more "give" - Is this true?
  11. i have a 1st season black icey leather, and i really think that leather is way nicer, softer, squishier than other seasons. congrats! im so excited for you!! taupe is such a lovely color!!!!!
  12. Thanks so much! I'm so excited & can't wait for it to get here - UPS says Tue or Wed of next week!! UGH! The waiting!!:nuts:

    Truthfully, I was never a big fan of the Stam & I've been a little disappointed in MJ styles of late (way too many bowlers!). Most of the bags in my collection are older styles created before the Stam (some I've found on eBay, but others were purchases made when they first came out) I love finding older styles and "vintage" MJ, esp bags that are lined with suede. Although I'm fairly certain that sometime soon, I will probably break down & buy a Stam, I'm thrilled that I found a 1st Season Baby Stam in taupe - it stays along the lines of my "vintage" collection & HTF styles. IMO, the first ones made always seem to be the best, so this is really exciting!!!
  13. i totally agree wiht you. im a huge fan of his earlier bags as well. i think the stams, 1st season are my favorite of all the bags he's ever done. the entire fall 05 collection is my favorite as well. i really dont like the newer stams at all. you're getting a beautiful bag! the icey leather cant be beat!
  14. I was wondering if the top of the Stam is supposed to be tightly closed all the way or does it leave a loose gap? Is this what it's supposed to look like?

  15. mine has a gap... and it pops open easily. i dont use it now for that reason. however i love it and i will take it to a repair shop to tighten it. i actually believe i lost my car keys in june for this reason. >.<

    but i can fit all my essentials in there and i love my baby stam T_T