baby stam or cammie?

  1. baby stam! oh so cute! a greeeeat style but cuter and weighs less the regular stam. i love my stam, but it's quite heavy.
  2. Definitely the baby stam!

    Its shape is just more distinctive to me...
  3. I love the baby stam, it looks better with the chain strap.

    The other bag just doesnt go with the chain.
  4. danae, compared to the stam you have, do you think the one in the auction is authentic? thanks for your help!
  5. Baby Stam all the way. The chain looks better on the Stam and I love the kiss lock.
  6. Baby Stam
  7. Baby Stam is cuter IMO but Cammie would be a much more practical bag, better for everyday use. I have the Baby and can't fit my normal wallet into it. It's great for an evening bag but if you're wanting something to carry day-to-day, I would pick the Cammie.

    And that ebay bag is authentic. =)
  8. Baby Stam! its waaay cuter.
  9. Baby stam is so cute!
  10. Baby all the way!!
  11. thanks everyone! :amuse:
    i've decided to get the baby stam since i've always liked the look of the regular stam, but it was much too big and heavy for me.
  12. Congrats Jennifer! =) Good choice! =)