baby cabas?

  1. O.K. I have tried to get a ritz, but no luck. I gave up on this:sad: . I would like to get baby cabas instead.
    Has anyone spotted baby cabas anywhere? Is this a hard to get item also?
  2. I know that Bergdorrf Goodman in New York is supposed to get some black baby cabas in around mid April/end of May. I don't know if the waitlist is full though.

    I would call around as other stores may be expecting a shipment as well- and put your name on a few waitlists.
  3. I think there is a white one on eBay and I think it had the receipt as well. If you're interestd, run it by Michelle or others on the authenticity portion of the forum.
  4. try NM. i believe that they are getting some very soon. im not sure about the color tho. probably black and white.
  5. What Ritz were you looking for? Patent leather or regular leather?
  6. Bergdorf is receiving some in black and white. I was told May-June. Don't know what the waitlist looks like though.