Baby Cabas in Khaki

  1. I'm getting desperate...I'm trying to get one for my birthday so I'm hoping someone from here can help me. I'm lookign for a baby cabas in khaki. Anyone know where I can find one?;)
  2. I would call around and be prepared to be scoffed at. But definitely try! There have been a lot of success stories here.
  3. I guess what I'm wondering is if it's still available also. I've asked two NMs and one boutique and they have told me that it's not even being made any more...I was so bummed out. Are there stores or SAs you would recommend that I call?
  4. I heard today that they are reissuing the cabas as a part of the Spring/Summer OOV line. OOV is a collection separate from the fashion line that stores receive each season. So call around. I know CHANEL at the Mall of America is getting black for sure and possibly other colors.
  5. Okie dokes...I'm still looking for one. I've been completely out of luck and I called a few NMs and they have stated that they are still trickling in BUT they are towards the end of the season and they are filled with waitlists of over 20 people. Anyone have any leads to one?