Baby Amadeus' (Seattle Slew's grandson) updated pics

  1. Here is my 18 month old Thoroughbred colt Amadeus (his grandfather is the infamous Seattle Slew). I had posted about three weeks ago regarding my "adoption" of him. I posted the before pics (from three weeks ago) and now even three weeks later how a little TLC and a lot of good food and supplementation as well as vet care, has made him thrive. He was very malnourished, skinny, lethargic, and had a lot of worms :throwup: when I got him.

    Just three weeks later he is starting to look so much better! He is my absolute baby :heart:

    The first two pics are from 3 weeks ago and the others are from today. Don't you love his teddy bear winter coat!
    DSC00711.jpg DSC00712.jpg DSC00713.jpg DSC00714.jpg DSC00715.jpg
  2. He looks so much better. How did he get so neglected?
  3. He's beautiful! What a gorgeous color!
  4. It is a long story, I have another thread on it in this forum. Long story short, he was bred to be a top of the line racehorse and was in a pasture as a foal, then a weanling and now he is already a yearling. He was with a bunch of other babies all the same age and early on in their life, their owner who bred them to be racehorses, went bankrupt. The horses were all legally repossessed by the barn owner (he had not paid his board bill for almost a year or so). They were basically GIVING the babies away to get them off of the feed bill. So, I signed a $0 bill of sale for him and he is legally mine.
  5. Wow you can already tell he is going to be a beautiful horse. What do you plan to train him in?
  6. I am planning on making him a hunter.......but if that does not pan out and he is very excitable I am going to do the jumpers with him.

    He already LOVES jumping crazy as it is. I would never jump him over anything purposely because he is just a baby, but I turned him out in the large arena and someone had left a set of jump standards with a one foot vertical set up in it. He was running around the arena, zeroed in on the jump, and went right towards it and cleanly leapt over it right down the center and then cantered away from it :nuts:!

    He did the same thing today when I turned him out when there was a jump in the arena, it is crazy. Good thing that is what I want to do with him, obviously he has a thing for it already.
  7. I am so excited for you! What an awesome horse!

    There are some dark sides to horse racing, and it looks like you saved this sweet boy from becoming another statistic.

  8. He looks SO MUCH better honey!
  9. He is such a handsome guy! I love his nose snip. That is so great of you to give him the loving home and care he deserves.
  10. It's amazing what good feed and getting rid of all the worms has done in just a few weeks. He is going to be a stunning horse when you have finished with him. Good for you, I hope he is everything you dreamed he'd be.:smile:
  11. he's absolutely gorgeous. what great progress he has made, you're a wonderful mom!
  12. Oh he looks great! That is a wonderful story of you nursing him back to health!!! Good for You!!!
  13. Wow he looks SO much better. You are so awesome for turning his life around! I can't wait to see more pics... I wish I could give you a hug for all you've done for him! :flowers:
  14. Thanks sweetie! Now I know why people who rescue animals do what they makes me feel SO GOOD to see how bright his eyes are now compared to what he used to be. I am so excited for spring to come around too see how he has blossomed under that winter coat! I can only imagine what he will look like in just a few months from now :yes:.