<b>What is Your Absolute Favorite Kooba?

  1. So if you were stranded on manhattan isle, or somewhere off the coast of france, maybe Marbella, which Kooba OUT OF ALL of them, would you take with you and why? What makes it your favorite?:heart:
  2. The Sloane, in straw. I think it's totally cute, and there's lots of space for things like my ipod, makeup to-go kit, DS, cell phone and a book or two, as well as my notebook (in case I run in to a professor while stranded).
    It's young enough that I don't feel like an old woman, but simple enough that I don't feel like I'll be looked down on.
  3. Hi Ingenue-did you straw change color on you at all? I had bought a Lena in straw and started to darken quite a bit...
  4. I will probably change my mind again but right now I will say Claudia (thanks joelle ;) )
    She's light can be squished and loaded up, won't give me back pain and is soo super cute.:party:
  5. Wow, that's tough! I love so many especially the Brynne, Claudia and Lucy - oh and the Jillian - my first Kooba, but I guess I'd have to say the LUCY!!:yahoo:
  6. DITTO on the Lucy......my black one gets the vote! :heart:
  7. The Ginger. I have it in chestnut and it was my first Kooba.
  8. That's a tough one, but I would have to say my black suede Devin. Well, maybe not if stranded on a desert island because of the suede, but I love how well that bag carries. I know it's not one of the super popular styles, but it is so comfortable and fits so much, and I love the bow! :smile:
  9. I couldn't begin to decide. It's between my Smooth Black Sienna, and my Red Elisha and my Bourbon Jillian.
  10. Hmmm. That's a toughie.

    I'd have to go with my black Brynne.... though I :heart: Lucy, too.
  11. It has to be the Ginger for me. I just love my tobacco and black Gingers. I use them for work and they're perfect.
  12. Sloane or Carla, b/c of plenty of room for things and a nice comfy shoulder drop.
  13. Oh Mini--I sooo covet your black Ginger, I bet she's a beauty :love::heart:

  14. I don't own it. :tdown:
    Yet. :tup:

    My best friend does, and she let me wear it around town when I went to visit her in Edmonton this November (her Kooba bags are her "cheap" bags). Hers was in pristine condition colour-wise, so I don't know. Maybe she just takes really good care of them?
  15. Posk, the Ginger is wonderfully comfortable and holds a lot. I would say the shape is like a cross between a Marcelle and a Lucy. It's fabulously practical. I definitely couldn't be without either the tobacco or the black, even if my hubby calls me a hippie when I wear them!

    The Brynne is a close second.