B Makowsky Bags?

  1. [​IMG]I got this handbag at Macy's recently and really like it. Bruce makowsky is the husband of Kathy van Zeeland and started his own handbag line. It comes in several colors-but I wanted a shade of yellow for the summer. It is really soft leather, and of good quality. He is just starting up-so his bags are still resonably priced around $200. Mine is somewhat different as it has zippers on it on one side.:shame:
  2. I remember seeing that bag at Macy's specifically because of the color, it's so pretty (and apparently yellow is hot this spring/summer). Looks like it's pretty practical too. Congrats!
  3. Thanks, they do have a lot of different sizes and colors of his bags-but this one really struck me. They also had it in a pearl color which was really pretty!:yes:
  4. That is a nice bag. It looks like soft buttery good quality leather. I've seen his line on QVC. A nice line of bags. Hell of a lot better than KVZ. I purchased a couple of her bags and had to send them back because of the terrible smell of the fake PVC leather. I only have one of her bags that is decent and classic looking. At least that one doesn't smell.
  5. I bought one at TJ Maxx for 250. REally pretty nice leather, but th outside zipper broke. I had it about 6 months. emailed the company wondering about repair. The response was crummy. They are just a holding type company and don't do anything. The Makowsky company could care less. very disappointed
  6. That is a nice bag. I saw a Machowsky bag at Marshalls for $99.00. it was in lavedar.
  7. B. Makowsky has been around for a couple of years already. The line started small and enlarged exponentially last year. Macy's and QVC are the big retailers, and they sell some at Nordstrom. I usually wait and get them on eBay or at TJMaxx.

    There are probably several threads if you do a search.
  8. I always admire B Makowsky's colors with always seem deep and rich, and the leather feels thick and soft. Unfortunately for me, they are often too heavy on my shoulder, and they can be soft and puddly that I have a hard time finding my stuff inside. Yours looks much simpler than the ones I had purchased in the past, and I really like that. It's also a really pretty color for summer. I hope you enjoy it!
  9. I bought this white bag from TJ MAxx last week for $150

    I wanted a white leather bag but didn't want to pay too much for it so I wouldn't stress out if it got dirty or not.
    I originally was going to buy a green bmakowsky bag instead at TJ MAxx because I thought the green was so eyecatching, but then I noticed that there were white mark scratches on the bag and if I scratched it with my nails, it would leave white mark scratches too. I don't know if it was just this bag that was defective at TJ MAxx or if this is the quality of the leather that causes this? So I thought a white bag would be safer.
  10. JNH14- I really like that yellow bag you got! Very nice for the summer! I never saw this one. Usually the BMakowskys I see have a lot of hardware
  11. Congrats! Be very careful with his bags... I bought one and I noticed dirt on it the first time I wore it. I heard that it is hard to clean his bags because the leather is untreated!
  12. The bag is cute. Love the color.
  13. They are pretty bags, but some of the comments here lead me to believe that the color fades quite quickly, so that stops me from buying one, albeit beautiful bag designs.
  14. Unfortunately, w/ the suede-like surface that's so very nice to the touch comes w/ a price- easy stains and prob damage. I hope Apple Guard works really well as I may buy one. I soaked my 272 dollar- paid B Makowsky (I cannot believe I paid full retail for this bag) after having water stains on the front so that it can all dry uniformly. It was the last thing I tried and could think of. It doesn't scratch easily though.