B-bag tassle question

  1. Hi ladies,
    Sorry for all the questions, but this is my first B-bag and I am obsessed. Okay, so I finally received my black City a few days ago from Holt Renfrew and I haven't even used it yet (other than carrying around the house while I study) and I notice that one of the tassles is already slightly frayed/coming apart (please see attached photos):
    Is this normal or should I be concerned? Should I exchange/return or will it happen anyways?
    I know I may be acting anal, but I feel anxious because the bag is brand new and it was so expensive.
    Thanks in advance for your responses! ;)
    bbagtassle1.jpg bbagtassle2.jpg b-bag.jpg
  2. The city I got from Barney's was this way and I sent it back. I think it's bound to happen at some point but it would be nice to start out fresh. Barney's offered to send me an extra set of tassels but there were other defects on the bag too so I just did a return. Try and see if they will send you an extra set - i'm pretty sure they will. Love the black city! Congratulations!
  3. Perhaps you could call them and explain the situation and ask if they can send you a new tassle to replace the split one? I would also be upset if my new bag wasn't absolutely perfect. By the way, I have been carrying my black city bag non-stop for a couple of months now and I have not had any trouble with the tassles splitting, though I have heard it can be an issue.

    I hope they will do this for you--Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the quick responses--that's what I was thinking!
  5. ^I agree with tod and valerieb. If you are happy with the bag itself, then I would just ask the store to send a replacement set of the tassels only, instead of doing an exchange...Good luck and love your black city!
    (I just ordered one myself). :shame: :biggrin:
  6. I also agree. Keep the bag and replace the tassels. If they send you a whole new pack (which has three!! :nuts: ), you'll be ahead of the game! The tassels always come apart eventually (especially the one on the mirror that tends to get abused), but it's way too soon for yours. Enjoy your new bag! I love that you carry it around while studying!:biggrin:
  7. ^ exactly what she said. Congrats on the new bag! :smile:
  8. I know, I'm a total freak! ;)
    Thanks for the advice everyone, although now that I know about the thicker leather for fall I'm wondering whether I shoudn't just return this one and get a new one then....hmmm.....I'm so fickle!!