B-Bag straps different?

  1. I just purchased my first Bbag this week (three!) in the medium size. If you look at my avatar these are the straps that all of mine have. But I just stumbled upon this one:


    And this has a different strap. Is this an older/alternative style? I have not ever seen this type of strap on any of the various website for purchase (BG, NM, Saks, NAP, Bluefly etc).

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!:heart:
  2. I can't be certain but I think this might be the older style that I saw at Bloomies in Nyc last summer.. my eyes were focusing on the buckles not to straps so I don't remember:shrugs: Have you asked Dodo? She said it was her "old" fendi or something right?
  3. She said old picture......
  4. I have only seen this type strap on the patent red bag. It was sold at one point on eluxury, so I'm sure it's authentic. I think it was part of the FW 06 collection. Not sure why they made this departure just for this one color--maybe they were floating the idea to see how it did?
  5. Thanks Liti, your always so helpful!!!!