B bag newbie question-what's your take on the whistle bag

  1. Dear ladies,

    I got the black whistle bag for $499 (pre-tax) at Barneys last week. The bag is beautiful, the leather is soft and it holds almost as much as a LV speedy. So my question is, should I keep it? Or should I return it to get a more classic motorcycle bag? how does whistle bag rated among all B-bags? Any sugguestions will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Balenciaga is famed for it's classic motorcycle line... but, if you love the whistle and will use it, why not keep it :yes:
  3. I'm new to Balenciaga. I have only seen the whistle bag in pictures, not IRL.....I 'll be honest, I wasn't crazy about the leather strips that go over the zipper (looks like a pain to get in and out of), and I wasn't crazy about a little whistle on the bag either, but that's just me.

    If you like it, keep it.
  4. I saw the pictures and it looked like a cute bag. How do you like it so far? It sounds to me that you might be second guessing your purchase.

    I would say is up to you to decide if the bag fits your needs and satisfies your craving...at least for more than a week!
  5. Can you post pictures of your bag?
  6. yeah, I kind fell in love with it after two days. the leather is incredibly lamb/austriche with rose glod hardware. if you hide the mirror and the whistle, it looks very understated and perfect for work. It's actually convertable, you can carry is as an open tote as well. I'll post some pictures later on. I think I'll keep it. Plus, bf says I am not cool enough to carry the motorcycle bags...
  7. Girlycharlie is right. Balenciaga's motorcycle line is the most popular and, IMHO really timeless. The whistle is cute but for the price, all my bags are motorcycle variations because I feel that stylewise, this will last longer than the other designs.
  8. I love the Whistle. And if I only knew that I'd have nearly 10 Bbags within 6 months, I would've kept mine.

    I bought a rouge vif whistle for my first Bbag. It was adorable!!!! But because I thought it would be my one and only Bbag, I ended up exchanging it for a moto bag. LOL! Now, I wish I had kept it........the leather was so soft and smooshy and it was so cute in rouge.

    If you love it, keep it! That's a great price! I paid nearly $1200 for mine at the time. Here's my little rouge vif that I let get away.......

  9. I think the whistle is a cute bag. Yeah, motorcycle bags may be more popular, but having the whistle will make you more unique! :yes:
  10. I think the Whistle is a great bag, especially because it's unique and not copied to death, like the Motorcycle. Plus you got yours at such a GREAT price! Can you keep it but get a Motorcycle later? :graucho:
  11. congrats! you got a really good deal on it. i would keep it because it is such a cute bag.
  12. I have - and love - the Large Whistle bag.

    It's a great everyday bag. I can carry magazines in it and my 12" comp. - I love the cute charm, and the rough zipper and the leather strips that lambloveschanel is talking about, look cool if you ask me!!

    It is not hard to get into - and the leather is TDF!!! It is lamb so it is much thicker, and I am sure it will look great for years - and the best thing ever; the handles does not go dark!!!!!!

    Congrats on your new bag. Keep her since she was such a bargain. A moto-bag will come your way soon!!
  13. Wow - what a brilliant price. The wee whistle is covetable. Take care who you blow it to though! Seriously - I like the bag much more than I thought I would. Keep it and be a bit different from the crowd.:heart:
  14. Thank you, MissM. Yeah, I decided to keep it after two days. And I am now completely in love. Maybe we should open a whistle thread in the reference library with pictures of our beloved whistle?