Azur - What colour is it?

  1. Those of you who have something in azur can you please tell me of what two colours is it made of? I haven't seen any yet from real close. Is the other colour actually blue (azur=blue) or somekind of lilac tone? Please tell me, I'm dying to know and didn't find anything by doing a search :smile:
  2. yep:yes: The Azur is a ble color!!! And there is some beige and white in there! It's very pretty
  3. The "white" part is a cream, off-white colour and the blue is a blue-grey with a tint of lilac.
  4. It looks like it's navy blue with a hint of a purpleish color in the background.

  5. Yep, blue
  6. Thank you everyone for your help! :flowers:
  7. Yup it's not as white as I thought either. It's cream.
  8. There are three colours: the background is WHITE, 2nd layer is made of BEIGE/CREAM coloured horizontal dots that runs throughout the bag, and finally the 3rd layer is made of NAVY vertical dots organized in a checkerboard fashion.

    I've attached a pic (cuz I htink mine's clearer than John's :p )
  9. Excuse me for trying to be helpful... :p
  10. *uh oh* I'm in trouble... *runs away*:p
  11. lol. I was kidding, Cec! :push:
  12. Thank you Cecilia for the great pic!

    As there is no LV in the whole country I'm not able to go and have a look of the azur line in person. Which colours do you think the azur goes best with? I don't really like mixing a lot of different colours in my outfit and I don't really wear any blue (except navy blue occasionally) a part from jeans so I'm not sure whether I would end up wearing and azur pochette. If only the blue was more of a gray or brown tone or something...
  13. best as I can explain it online. but in real life--- TDF!!
  14. hehe no problemo! ummm... I'm not good with colours lol I think almost anything goes... Your jeans already set the 'base' so I guess you can wear any type of top, preferably something light coloured like solid white, beige, baby blue, lilac, or even a light pink or light yellow can give it some 'pop'.