Azur Saleya, Cles, Zippy+Keep@ E lux NOW!

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  1. Hello there! What a good friday it is, just grabbed some Azur goodies @ E lux, and want to share w/u all E lux now have Azur Keepall 55, Saleya PM, MM, cles, zippy, koala, & other wallets. Happy Friday!!!!:yahoo:

    the Free s&h code is GOLD, if possible go through ****** and save extra 4%, have fun!
  2. I saw that and am drooling :smile:
  3. i just saw that earlier! very tempted to order something from azur line, but i'm waiting for the ****** cyber monday promotion thing (double the cash back) on nov 27th. there's info in the deals and steals thread.
  4. ohh thanks for letting me know!!
  5. wow. lotsa good info on pf.
  6. What did you get?! :drool:
  7. Crap!! :cursing: I just went to E-lux to order the azur pochette cles...and the flippin security numbers on the back of my cash card are rubbed off!!!:hysteric: I do not do credit cards....(too dangerous to be in my possession..hehehehe):yes: ...guess I'll have to wait until the banker (hubby) gets home:graucho: ...hope they don't sell out!