Azur question.....

  1. I was just thinking how beautiful it would look in the BH style! Or is the hampstead going to be made in azur? I'm not sold on the seleya-I'd prefer it in BH. Thanks for your input ladies and gents!! :smile:
  2. If they made a BH in Azur i would be straight in there and get one!!! I was uming and arring for ages over my mono BH because i desperatly wanted somthing in Damier in a shoulder bag and couldnt wait for the Hampstead.

    Im not 100% sold on the Saleya either, the handles dont look big enough to just throw it over my shoulder!!
  3. I don't think the azur would look good with the gold plates of the hampstead.
  4. I'm also thinking about the Azur Saleya...not sure yet...

    ...if LV made an Azur BH I'd be all over that!! :yes: LOL!! I have the reg. mono BH and love it!! Been using it for the last few days. Giving my Speedies a lil break. :p