Azur or Epi speedy?

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  1. I've been trying to decide between an Azur speedy 30 or an Black Epi speedy 30...I know the Epi is bigger than the Azur in 30, I'm 5'5, 115, so I don't think it would look too big for me. The only thing I have against the Azur Speedy is that not that I wouldn't wear it with whatever I have on that day, I just feel it's a summery bag. Plus I don't like worrying about the handles getting dirty because they're so light. The thing I have against the Epi Speedy is the wrinkles, I know I want black so the wrinkles won't be as obvious, and I don't think it'd be something that would really bother me...but I don't know. I already have a Damier Speedy 25 in terms of Speedies...what to do?:crybaby: Advice is much appreciated :tup:
  2. I'd say black epi. Much easier to care for! And with luck, you probably won't get many wrinkles anyway.
  3. I think Epi is so classy looking.
  4. I love the epi speedy!
  5. If you want a light color to contrast your Ebony Damier speedy, why not go Ivoire Epi? :graucho:
  6. I'm gonna say get the azur. You already have a dark bag with the damier speedy you own. You can carry the azur in spring and summer and use the ebony damier in the winter. That way you will have one dark and one light colored lv.
  7. azur gets my vote. this bag is gorgeous in person.
  8. I'm biased since I own the Azur. So Azur it is!
  9. this is so ironic, i'm having the exact same debate! lol, i really want the azur speedy 25 and the epi speedy 25 in either black or red. i want the smaller one because i don't carry a lot of things with me, plus i'm a short 5'2''. but lately i've been leaning towards the azur because it's a little cheaper. personally, i feel that the azur will go well in the winter too. i have these beautiful camel and white overcoats that will go so well with the azur speedy. good luck!
  10. i SAY EPI SPEEDY 30 IN BLACK! :tup:I have that bag ang out of all my LV'S , THAT ONE GETS THE most COMPLEMENTS!!!!!!! mINE IS 1 AND 1/2 YEARS OLD (WITH GOLD HARDWARE) AND IT HAS NO WRINKLES.
    THat bag is fab.... It is so classic and will never go out of style. I like azur speedy but prefer the ivory epi pieces for a light color in a bag.
    Epi ivory in the montaigne pm is fab as well!!!!!
  11. I say Azur!
  12. Go for the black!
  13. Another vote for Black Epi
  14. BLACK EPI - So gorgeous and you will NEVER get sick of it!!!
  15. I love the Azur but it sounds like you're leaning more towards the Epi...I agree with nyaao, the Ivorie would be gorgeous.