Azur in the latest Elle...

  1. forgive my crappy pic (taken with my cell-phone)...but this soooo makes me want an Azur suitcase! :yes:

  2. I saved that pic and put it in my LV binder of ads lol!

    LOOOVE it!
  3. Gahhhh!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: that is soooo hot! lol Which Elle is this may I ask? US? i'm gonna get my mom to buy this mag for me! lol
  4. Thanks for the pic! I'd love to have that lol.
  5. Yes, it was the US edition March I believe. Jessica Simpson is on the cover.
  6. yuuuuuuuummm
  7. Thanks:yes:
  8. definitely yummmmm!!
  9. Thanks for the pic :smile:
  10. Lovely.
  11. It's gorgeous..!
  12. OH I must buy that magazine! :biggrin:
  13. Gorgeous! I love the Azur!
  14. Also in that mag. is a lot of LV! this amazing ad with the Miroir heels too!
  15. I haven't looked through my copy of Elle completely. I'll have to look again. That suitcase is hot.