awl pocket tote

  1. DOes anybody own the AWL pocket tote? It is on the qvc website (sorry, I can't figure out how to post links here) and it is selling for $258 plus tax and s/h which would be about $300. But the ones on eBay are selling for $150+- which is a great savings BUT I would like to know if anybody has this bag and could maybe just maybe post pix so I cuold figure out the size dimensions?
    Thank you1
  2. Hi. I just sold mine last week under my selling ID.

    IMHO, the newer AWL 2 is too cheap looking. I used mine for about 4 months. The shoulder strap broke (metal rivet came apart) and I had Dooney replace it. I think the bag looks like vinyl.

    It is a nice, roomy bag but I wouldn't consider it a tote. It is more like a larger handbag. I switched my stuff between it and my Coach Mandy Courier using the Chameleon Insert.
  3. darn, I guess I missed your auction. I am watching 2 auctions for the AWL tote in tan. Does the leather wear well on the edges? I saaw some of the same totes and it seems as though leather on the edges were worn down pretty bad.
  4. I never really carried mine much. I work outside so my bags stay in the car.
  5. I bought it from QVC for my Mom a while back and returned it immediately. It looked like vinyl. It was leather, but looked cheap. Bought my Mom a Coach bag instead.
  6. I will try to find a link.