Awesome website for fashion/wardrobe.

  1. I've been looking at this site for the past year-- I've never shared it so I thought I should!

    It's updated every week usually by Monday, it's different cities in Japan and it's all around fashion. Each location has a different kind of style, and you scroll over the pics for a second view.

    I love it, I have been faithfully checking it each week to see what's new.

    Here's from Ginza which I love the styles. You can pick tabs at the top to choose a different location and see the styles:

    If anyone knows similar websites with just random people walking down the street revolving around fashion, share the links! I love this site, it would be nice to see more other than what's in magazines.
  2. ^^ wow I just got stuck on that site for ages......
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. i love looking at what others wear and i am so glad to know of these 2 sites now =)
    thank u!
  5. awe thank you adore! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! its one of my favourites now!
  6. Thanks so much for posting! I'm always looking for great new "inspirational" web sites:yes:
  7. I love it, thanks for sharing!

    All of those outfits (and girls) are gorgeous! I LOVE this look :girlsigh:

  8. wow, adore and two just made me waste a lot of time, lol lol. I just made it back to tpf, great pics there!