Awaiting a Wang? Step into the AW waiting lounge!

  1. oh thanks for that info, i was wondering about that. it's been at least a year since i bought anything so ok, i'll just cross my fingers and stop checking the order status. lol.
  2. Caved in and finally talked myself into getting the Rocco in rose gold. Thursday is THE day! I so cant wait!!!
  3. There's one available again, but at $ 695
  4. That lasted long. Someone had it in their cart already ;)
  5. Thanks! Gone again, but I couldn't have paid $695 knowing it was $200 less yesterday. I'll find the right deal eventually! :smile:
  6. Now waiting on a Morgan hobo in black with silver hardware. Good price- couldn't resist!
  7. Black w/ silver hw is my favorite combo. Can't wait to see!
  8. Please post some pics tomorrow. Good luck!
  9. emerald diego! yay!
  10. LV ~ Sounds beautiful... I had to google Emerald to see what it looked like and OMG, that green with Silver hw :drool:....
  11. i wanted the rocco but i never see it pop up, when i saw the diego pop up on eBay just labeled as "green" i was so ecstatic lol, cant wait to get it!
  12. LUGGAGE DIEGO from a wonderful seller and friend!! :yahoo:
  13. Petrol Rocco!!!!! Excited... I can't believe I dropped down full price plus tax for it but hey, now I can stop waking up at 3 am every morning to check Bluefly...:p
  14. ^^^^nice! Petrol is a great color!