Avril in Nylon

  1. :supacool:
    avrillavignenylon3.jpg avrillavignenylon4.jpg avrillavignenylon5.jpg
  2. i love how she's become such a lady. it's such a far cry from her 'rocker chick' days
  3. she looks great! much better than wifebeaters and ties...
  4. She looks really good in those photos. I was surprised to find out a while back that she was a Ford model, considering the whole rock/punk look she wore before, but she really turned into fashionable lady.
  5. nice pics. she looks hawt now, great improvement
    thanks for sharing! loves it.
  6. She has cleaned up rather well. :smile:
  7. sorry, but i can't stand her!
  8. I think she's really pretty!!!
  9. She looks absolutely amazing in the second picture! Wow.
  10. she looks beautiful!
  11. she looks gorgeous, very lady like.
  12. I'm going to get a pair of those red stocking like hers!