Avoid this THIEF'S auction! She stole my photos!

  1. I could not believe it when I did a search for newly listed Chloe on eBay only to see my own bag appear! What's even worse, it looks like the thief stole some of my photos right here on TPF from the ATC thread! WTH! I have reported her to eBay... who knows how long it will take to remove.

    Here's the thief's auction:


    What is wrong with people? I had Auctiva image protection ENABLED, and still?:cursing:
  2. What an @$$! Thats unbelievable! Props to you for reporting him ASAP! I hope they shut that auction down with a quickness!
  3. Thanks, Gung. I just reported the person TWICE. Hopefully the squeaky wheel will get the grease. I just spent like 20 min. in Auctiva watermarking my photos, but the watermarked photos do not appear in my listing. Does anyone know how to revise through Auctiva using my newly watermarked photos? I am a powerseller, so I will call the powerseller hotline if necessary until this is removed.
  4. Sheesh - this is the fourth case of stolen photos I have seen this week. In two of the cases, I'm sure the sellers had no idea.

    Thanks for posting bagatella - we have this knowledge now, in case anyone asks us to authenticate in the ATC (which they no doubt will) - it's hard when the photos show an authentic bag and you say "Yes, it's a good one!" to a tPFer, only to find that they will not receive the bag you have authenticated for them. Just goes to show you can't be too careful.

    I wonder if the seller would be able to provide more photos of their lovely bag...? heh heh heh
  5. Thank you, i_wona. eBay really needs to crack down on this. I thought I was safe having image protection enabled through Auctiva, but apparently watermarking is a necessity.
  6. Great, so now my images are watermarked in my auction, but not in hers. Does that mean she did not link directly to my photos, but saved them to her computer? I was hoping that my watermark would show up in her photos, proving her thievery.
  7. That's unbelievable! I don't understand people who do this! [​IMG]I'm sorry for you and good that you reported!
  8. Yes Bagatella she saved your unwater marked photos? Thief!! A newbie too on Ebay. Probably has been kicked off before and started another email with a fresh identity. Scam scummy artist.

    Sic him girl and bite hard. I wonder if you can press charges? Can Activa get involved since they failed you?
  9. Shame on them! Ooooh, photo theft is a pet hate of mine. I have learnt to watermark now but I do worry about photos I have posted here before realising it was necessary. :push:

    Hope the scamming thief is hauled up, Bagatella! :flowers:
  10. They should be fined, if it hit them in the hip pocket they may think twice:tdown:
  11. I'm a newbie to Chloe/tPF and searching for my 1st Chloe bag and came across both your auctions this morning.

    Ugh, it's sad to see this, maybe add additional comment to your watermark "borsa_pazza"stole my pictures, beware of fake bags!!! I hope her auction gets taken down.
  12. Thanks, all. I spoke to someone at eBay today and was told it would take some time to review the case and that it would hopefully be resolved today. To the person who stole my photos, if you are reading this, shame on you...bad karma....
  13. I don't know if it's just me, but I get more disgusted w/ eBay on a daily basis. I mean, what is there to "review"? You have your auction & these photos are obviously stolen from it? :cursing:

    Well, no worries, bagatella -- the tPF :police: are on the case and I'm sure lots of us will report on your behalf! Good luck!
  14. Her auction is still up! Thanks, eBay Trust and Safety, for your fast and thorough work...:hrmm::cursing:
  15. How do people like that sleep at night:cursing: It makes me SICK to think that someone is stealing photos from our wonderful PF to con people!!:censor::mad::cursing: