Availability of Vert Bronze

  1. Does anyone know when or if vert bronze might be available again? It's still in the leather book, but I haven't seen it in a couple of years and my PO in that color never came in, even though I was told it was approved. :confused1: And...if anyone should come across it, would you be kind enough to PM me? If I score, I will be sure to put you in my will.
  2. I was checking with my SA two days ago about this leather. There's no indication whether it's still available but was strongly advised against ordering this due to some "problems" about this leather. Something along the line about its colour fading.

    luv2shophandbag, not sure if you might wanna ask your SA about it.
  3. Thank you Queenie!!! I have asked my SA about it and she really didn't know anything. She just said that one day it (my PO) will just show up.