availability of Paris bombay

  1. I have noticed this style of bag a few times when visiting Hermes Boutiques,But not paid much attention to them.Now I wish I had or at least asked to try on and look inside one.I'm always so busy looking at Kellys or to see if there are any birkins on the shelves.What are some of the qualities of this style And sizes.I have seen Lavans and Baggs and both are beautiful.What leather and color Do you think looks best for this style of bag?Also are they rare to find for sale? :flowers:
  2. Toonie,

    I have gone to three different H boutiques this week, and every single store had a Paris Bombay!

    Of the ones that I have seen I think the cognac ostrich Paris Bombay is beautiful! (Love the others as well). :yes:
  3. You find PBs around the shop, the only problem is, as always with Hermès, if you're looking for a particular color and leather and the boutique doesn't have it.

    One thing you need to consider is to choose a leather color in which the zipper really matches it. This is the same when buying Bolides also. I've seen some leather colors in which the zipper color sometimes is not completely tone-to-tone.
  4. So, there are 2 sizes, right....a very petite one and a significantly bigger one? Are they coming out with a medium sized one (I think I remember reading that here)? I wasn't too into them until I saw the petite one IRL at my store (so nice!), but that would be way too small for my frame.
  5. frenchie...that is what I think as well. The petite is too small and the other too large.

    Can someone share some prices on them...like in a basic leather and then in an upgraded leather to give us an idea. Are they available in many leathers or a limited amount.
  6. Do you know how much an ostrich Paris-Bombay cost? Thanks:flowers: .
  7. I have heard from 2 different SAs at my boutique that it comes in 3 sizes. But they were both unsure of the dimensions for the "medium" one.
  8. Toyoko I didn't even think about exotics in this style.Wow I would love to see a pic or one in real life. La Van that is a important thing to point out with the color match with the zippers Thank you and everyone for your input on this beauty of a bag :flowers:
  9. I was told by a sa that this bag comes in a size 40
  10. I saw a fuchsia ostrich PM at the Paris mothership last month and it was about 5000 Euros.
  11. I've seen the bag in box, epsom, vache liegee and ostrich. I think the style works well with more sturdier and rigid leathers.
  12. I saw a large one in black vache ligee for $7K (:wtf: ).
  13. I prefer either the pm or the (new?) mm in black box leather. So pretty. The pm in starts at aorund $3500.
  14. There is an MM? I passed on a large PB about a month ago because it was just TOO large -- actually, it was ginormous. Because it's long, I felt that I would have to walk sideways with it to avoid hitting people on a crowded sidewalk!! (I'm 5'2")
    I would LOVE to see one in MM size -- the PM is just a little too precious for me. It's not an evening bag, but too small for a day bag. JMHO.
  15. I've heard that if it's not already out it will be soon.
    I also saw the GM and it seems just too big.
    I'd carry the pm, but, again, not an an everyday bag as you said.