Author & The Incredibles: Great kid movie!

  1. We bought this dvd about a month ago. We'd not heard about it but our kids absolutely love it. It's a very cute movie and my hubby and I enjoyed it too (we like 'kid-genre' movies though).

    Thought I'd share the news if there are others who have not heard of it either.
  2. I loved The Incredibles. I'm a huge disney fan and love the disneypixar movies as well. I saw the movie in the theaters and even watched it through payperview in hotels and few times and got the DVD right when it came out... very cute movie!!
  3. Are you talking about Arthur and the Invisibles or the Disney movie The Incredibles? Either way, they're both great movies. I just want to make the follow-up posts talk about the right movie. :smile:
  4. ^^^^OOPS!!! I kind of combined the two, didn't I!

    Author and the Invisibles is what I meant!! THANKS!!!
  5. ^^LOL! That's what I figured you meant. :p

    I thought the little actor that plays Arthur was so darling and did such a good job!
  6. Oops hahahaha.
  7. My little brother loves the Incredibles to death!
    I sat down with him once to watch it with him (he watches it every day!) and I gotta say, it's a really good animationmovie!