authenticity card and care booklet stolen from bag!

  1. Heads up!!!!, I can't believe this has happened to me., spent St. Patty's up in New York City, it was raining, snowing, you name, it was coming down., on Friday, I decided to leave my Black Jumbo (my fav) in the hotel since it was very wet out and take my longchamps instead.....mind you, we were staying at the upper east side in a very nice hotel, the bag stayed in the room on a table in plain view from Friday until Sunday when the weather turned nice again. The authenticity card and care booklet never come out of the zipper compartment of my bags. When I got home on Monday, I went to clean the purse inside and out and lo and behold authenticity card and booklet were nowhere in the bag., I know I don't take them out but regardless I turned the luggage and the house upside, they are gone!-I called security at the hotel and told them what had happened, but, from now on, purse goes in the safe and authenticity card stays home. I am upset since this was a wonderful Xmas present that I received from my son. UGH.......can't believe it!
  2. That is so weird! What do you think motivated the whoever stole it to steal it? Does the person have ties to fake handbag manufacturers, and now they're going to produce handbags with your bag's serial number? I wonder...
    Of course, I hope it just got misplaced it somewhere, and turns up soon.
  3. Unfortunately it is not misplaced, we have checked everywhere, I have no clue what they can use it for.
  4. that's a really bizarre thing to be stolen. . .seems more logical it slipped out unnoticed{?}
    I keep all mine in my jewelry box along w/ the tags.
    I'm sorry your's are gone.
  5. Aaawww...sorry this happened to you!! How very strange! :sad:
  6. how strange...
    maybe the thieves are fake handbag seller and stealing those for their auction? LOL
  7. LOL or no LOL, really, this just happened, just why and for what purpose, I don't know.
  8. lame:push:
  9. That's so weird that they would take the cards, and not the purse. Sorry to hear this happened to you. :sad:
  10. How strange :weird: :confused1:

    I'm sorry that they're gone. I sincerely hope that they turn up.
  11. Through personal experience I've always said of New York (and now any big city) : they would steal your underwear if they could get if off you. There is certainly no shortage of idiots and cretins.

    So sorry, but do find some comfort you still have your bag.
  12. This thief must know Chanel very well.
  13. How strange!:shrugs:
    As jmen said- be glad you have your bag- better to have your card/booklet stolen than your bag!
  14. thats what I was thinking...
    too much risk involved in stealing an entire purse...
  15. That's a terrible thing to happen. :sad:

    I think they must've got a fake chanel and just wanted the card to prove its "authenticity"