Authentice this Bottega Veneta

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  1. Are all BV handbags made with beige suede lining? I bought a satchel bag from a well-respected consignment shop on Madison Ave. in NYC. This store has been in existence for over 50 years.

    The bag looks genuine and has the correct markings. But the lining is black canvas. :s

    The writing on the snap is: OK0973628 an upside down triangle in a circle OKPTA1519426

    Please let me know what you think. Thank you very much. Lisa

  2. BV has an "authenticate this Bottega Veneta" thread in its subforum. However, at the risk of upsetting the mods, I'll offer an opinion. The newer bags have beige suede lining, except for the small cosmetic bags. The vintage bags have leather or a leather-like lining. I'm unaware of cloth linings. The problem with this bag is the font (stamped name inside) which looks off, as well as the direction of the weave. Every BV I've seen has the weave on the diagonal, not straight vertical and horizontal. I'm not certain, but am suspicious that this bag is fake. Post in BV for further opinions.

  3. Thank you boxermom. :smile:

    I had a feeling that this bag wasn't authentic but really liked it anyway. I've purchased many authentic bags at this consignment shop so one that's not doesn't really bother me.
  4. To me that looks like a real bag. I own one and it does have the beige lining but your bag looks like it has the real markings. As long as it is leather and not pleather, I think that it is real. You can always go into a bottega store and they will tell you if it is real even if you didn't buy it there.
  5. Do you think the font looks authentic? It looks fake to me--BV doesn't use block lettering for the name, only for the "MADE IN ITALY" part.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.