authentication question

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  1. Hi I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask-but I purchased my bow satchel from Miu Miu boutique (NY)-they kept the authentication card...If I am to sell my bag-will they confirm if a person phones them that I bought it from them?

  2. Not sure if they will confirm any info, however just be sure to keep the receipt and you can offer any buyers a copy of the receipt with your personal info blacked out. All MM stores keep the style card and you should have received a care card with your new bag. It's standard procedure with the stores. Don't really know why. :shrugs:
  3. I shredded my receipt after I got it cause it had all the cc info:sad:
  4. Oops! You should always keep your receipts (you can black out any cc info). But actually, if you plan on selling the bag on ebay, just suggest that they have it authenticated here on tPF. We can do the rest!! ;)
  5. By the way, just because someone has an "authentication" card doesn't necessarily mean that the bag is indeed authentic. People fake those all of the time. So I wouldn't worry too much about not having it. ;)
  6. Ok thanks!