authenticating bottega veneta handbags

  1. hi girls,

    i was wondering if any of you have come across an authentication guide for bottega veneta handbags. i've tried googling it, but nothing useful comes up.

    thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Nope, and I've tried also to find authentication tips. I hope someone comes along to help answer your question. I study the BV's I have, but like many companies, they change things over the years so without a guide, it's hard to tell. I don't think they are as faked as some other purses. It's hard to duplicate their leather. And their name is never, to my knowledge, on the outside of the bag.
  3. Post some photos. Usually you can tell by the interior.
  4. thanks for your help ladies. i will go study the ones at holt a bit more so i know what to expect. i'm just not sure if the ones on eBay are authentic or not.

    but i will be sure to post pictures of the bags i'm interested in.

    thanks again.
  5. Just adding my two cents that I haven't found an authentication guide either but I have run across replica sites for BV and the most copied bags were the hobos and the cocker. The hobos looked wrinkly and plastic- you could tell that the leather was stiff and not supple. Once you had it in hand I think you could tell authenticity in a heartbeat but that won't help you on Ebay. Add to that the fact that they may have stolen someone's photos and you may not even get the bag that's pictured. I would check out their feedback, ask authenticity guarantee questions or history behind the purchase of the bag- be highly sceptical about BV priced too low unless it's vintage.

  6. My BV has the name engraved on the hardwear, in small (capital) letters. it is again, boxermom(!):


  7. ^^^Haha! Never get tired of seeing that bag! Inside that bag, is Bottega Veneta and Made In Italy on a metal plate? My vintage ones have that; the newer ones, it's stamped in the leather.
  8. ^ Yes. It has a small metal plate on the inside pocket, with:

    B O T T E G A V E N E T A

  9. nice bag
  10. Hi,

    I have another question about Bottega Veneta. What are color is the dustbag?
    The current ones at Holt Renfrew Canada are a light brown/beige color with Bottega Veneta written in a darker color font.
    The ones on current eBay listings are a dark brown with Bottega Veneta written in a lighter color font.

  11. i just received mine today from the showroom ,the bag is beige with suede like feel with dark brown writing
  12. I guess you can tell from the interior and zipper. The zipper closure is so smooth i dont think a fake would get that right.
  13. ^^ I agree with patchouli.. you can also take it to bottega veneta boutique to authenticate it..
  14. My Campana also has a tag on the interior seam in the zipper pocket that says Certificato De Originalita and then a 15 figure code number.
  15. even mine does