Authenticate This LONGCHAMP! -- Please refer to 1st post!!

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  1. Thanks for responding. I called Nordstrom and asked if some of the Pliages were Made in China (Bloomies said they were Made in France only) and they confirmed yes.
  2. Looks good to me.
  3. yes, authentic.
  4. Hi,

    I am new to this forum, I am looking at buying this longchamp Le Pliage bag however I am not sure if it is authentic or not - this is the only photo the seller has provided. My main concerns are
    - the leather flap seems smaller than others I've seen
    - the handles seem a different length
    - there is plastic on the handles.

    I am not sure if these are problems or not as I am not very familiar with the bag. This is the photo below


    Thank you kindly :smile:
  5. yikes!!! that is not good. dimensions look wrong. handles are too short for the long handled version, but too long for the short-handled version.

    and as you said, plastic on handles = bad!!! :tdown: pliages don't come with plastic on handles. (they are sent to the boutiques in plastic bags.)

    I'm 99% sure it's fake. If you can provide a close-up of the leather flap, I can be 100%. Also ask seller what color is the inside? Right answer is black. Wrong answer is blue.
  6. Thank you very much for your response! :smile: Lucky I didn't buy it!
  7. Hi! The first auction, item 280291527530, is authentic. (The clear plastic bag and the tissue is how the bags arrive at the boutique before they are put on display. Fakes usually have plastic-wrapped handles.)

    When using eBay, always, always, ALWAYS ask for pictures of the actual item. The last 3 auctions use stock photos (in other words, taken from the Longchamp website), and there is no way to tell whether the item you will receive is authentic or not.

    In general, watch out for sellers in Turkey and China and Hong Kong. There are many fakes from those countries on eBay. The best way to check for a fake is look at the leather up close. Real longchamp Pliage bags have a crisscross diamond grain on the leather. The leather should not look perfectly smooth, scaly, or spotted.
  8. So I bought a planetes tote off of eBay. I own some pliages bought at the longchamp store in soho and i compared them, even though i know the planetes are a bit different. I examined the bag minutely and everything seems authentic- except that the tag inside which looks exactly like other longchamp tags says "Lonchamp Paris Made in Tunisia". It says Longchamp modele Depose on the back,the stitching on the bag is perfect. Should I take some pics and post them?
  9. Hi! Your bag is authentic. Most Longchamp bags are made in France, but not all of them. Some are made in other places. I have seen the Tunisia tag before on other Longchamp bags. (In fact, Tunisia and Morocco are famous for making nice leathergoods).

    If you search on tPF, you can also find this was already discussed. Longchamp bags are made in other countries.

    If you want me to look at photos, I'm happy to do that, but if you think everything else looks OK, it is probably alright. There are fake Pliages and Planetes around (especially watch out for Turkish and Chinese sellers on ebay), but I have never seen one that has tags inside.
  10. Great! Thanks, I did see the thread on Longchamp's made in china, in fact i have a pliage bought at the soho store which says made in china, but I wasnt sure abt Tunisia. Everything else on the bag looks perfect but that threw me off a bit. Thanks again.
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