Authenticate This LONGCHAMP! -- Please refer to 1st post!!

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  2. do you have pictures of the bag?

    there are definitely fake longchamps out there, the nylon feels different, plus at the leather tag, there aren't any markings (unlike the authentic which states the size).
  3. Thank you for your response. Yes, I do have pictures which I will attach. I'm almost certain that it is fake. It feels cheap.

    Does the metal zipper pull say Longchamp Paris on one side and Longchamp France on the other side? The "leather" tag inside has a number that isn't centered, and probably isn't leather.

    Thanks for any other comments!
    P1000119.JPG P1000121.JPG P1000113.JPG P1000125.JPG P1000130.JPG
  4. whoa!!!
    that's logo zipper is diffenitely different!!
    must be fake or old style!??!?!
    just wait for other opinion!!
  5. No.

    I agree with CLV, the three longchamp bags I own have completely different zipper pulls. :sad:
    However, I've never bought the leather bags only totes.
  6. Hi Lilia,

    I have that same exact Longchamp bag which I bought at Saks over 10 years ago (yeah, hard to believe, but I'm still using it!) and I can confirm that the zipper pull (Longchamp Paris on one side/Longchamp France on the other) is exactly like mine, as well as the "Longchamp" etched around strap buckle. I looked at the leather tag inside mine and on the front it is stamped with the "Longchamp" Paris seal with the horse (similar to the zipper pull outside) and the back, which I've never looked at before, is also not centered, with the numbers 28765 and 3 other numbers below it (these ones are centered, but I couldn't make it out -- I've had this purse for a long time). The placement of the numbers is same as your picture.

    I'm pretty sure mine is authentic because after several years of daily wear, the strap started getting worn out. I sent it back to the manufacturer and they replaced the strap free of charge. I don't think they would have done that if it wasn't authentic.

    Yes, the leather on my Longchamp is very smooth (no grain or texture on it), almost like patent, but not as shiny. I was concerned about it too, when I first bought it, but the SA told me that's how Longchamp makes it and that this leather finish is really durable. Well, after all the years I've carried it, in snow/rain/throwing it around (it was my everyday purse when I had toddlers), I can certainly vouch for that. It's like the bag that won't die - the leather is amazing! It still looks like new, and even though I certainly didn't baby it, it barely shows any marks at all -- I have to really look hard to notice them.

    Not crazy about this style anymore, but it sure IS durable, so I still wear it from time to time, and I think it's cool that it's still carried in stores after all these years. Hmm... does that make it a classic? I never would have thought that when I first bought it. Hope this helps. Enjoy your purse!
  7. The zipper pull is exactly the same as my Longchamp bag that I bought from Saks last year.
  8. i think it just may be a few years old. as far as i knew, longchamp has their name on the interior lining of the leather bags now. however, as ckaya mentioned, the leather looks right, and ive been using mine for years and i agree, it is very durable.
  9. Hi all, I recently bought a 2ndhand Longchamp Planetes bag from a US seller on eBay without realising there're lots of fake ones out there (silly me...). After receiving the bag, I read some guides on Longchamp bags and the features of my bag look real enough, however I read somewhere that the authentic version should not have plastic tubing in the handle. I noticed that my bag has a bit of tubing poking out, so am feeling a little bothered by it. Would appreciate if anyone could help me take a look at the pics and see if the bag is authentic, thank you so much!
  10. can you post the link to the auction?

    that plastic thing is really weird. none of my bags have that.
  11. Hi there, here's the auction link.

    And this is another auction by the seller for another Longchamp bag (just to give you guys an idea of her auctions)

    At first I thought her items should be genuine as they are 2ndhand and items she said she no longer wanted. However, it occured to me that it is possible that she might have bought fake items and then tried to dispose of them online.
  12. Does anyone know if the real Planetes bag handles have tubing in them? I wonder if mine has that tubing because it is a defect and not because the bag is fake.
  13. Sorry, to make it clearer, what I meant was that I wondered if the tubing in the handle is showing cos it's a defect and that most people might have not seen the tubing before becos it shouldn't be showing.
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