Authenticate This Kooba

  1. Hi--

    Can anyone help authenticate this for me? I have to admit I know little about Koobas and this was an impulse buy - just the size and shade I was looking for, so I hope it turns out to be real:smile:

    If it is, I'd also love any info on style name, color, approx age if you have it. Thanks so much in advance!

    Item #: 330758798948
    Seller id: windrivergallery222

    And here are a few more pix:
    koobazip.jpg koobaside.jpg koobalabel.jpg
  2. Hi there. That is a vintage Sienna in lambskin, though the exact color name escapes me at the moment. It almost looks like the Espresso in the middle picture, but looks almost greenish brown in others. Don't know if that's my monitor or flash, etc.

    That discoloring of the Kooba plate seemed to happen often to the more 'bubbly' lambskin bags of the early-mid 2000's - the same happened with some of the Paige bags.

    Hope that helps. :smile:
  3. Thank you so much for the info. I'm so excired and this certainly won't be my first kooba! A few pix are a bit greener than it actually looks. It seems like about the perfect med-dark brown - not too warm, not too cool.
  4. I think the color is TEAK. Ditto that, not too warm or cool, perfect med brown IMO, I searched high and low for one a few years back, and not too long ago rehomed her. :sad: Makes me wish I had not have done that, LOL. Congratulations! She really is beautiful!!
  5. Outstanding - thanks!
  6. Kooba Cream Colored Leather Handbag
    Item #: 120952103525
    Seller: ourstuff4u1111

    Would you please verify the authenticity of this handbag? Thank you.
  7. koobfrt.jpg koobbk.jpg kooblabel.jpg
  8. Kooba Cream Colored Leather Handbag
    Item #: 120952103525
    Seller: ourstuff4u1111

    Hello, I posted this Kooba last week and no one responded. Would someone please let me know if this handbag is authentic or not, I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks so much. Have a great day!
  9. hello, I tried the link on your message and cannot access it, as it says it expired 90 days ago. Maybe thats why no one has replied to you. Hope you manage to get it sorted. Henners. x
  10. Thank you for letting me know. I have gone back and rechecked this handbag out again. Here is the information:

    Kooba Cream Colored Leather Handbag
    Item #: 120952103525
    Seller: ourstuff4u1111

    Please let me know if this is working or not. Thank you.
  11. IMO you are good on this one. It is the Kooba Anika, and from what I have seen the details look correct. Plus, it is from a reputable seller, I wouldn't worry. Hope this helps!
  12. Thank you so much. It's encouraging to know it is authentic. I appreciate your time.
  13. hi authenticators, i took a couple of quick pics of this bag with my phone - it's in one of our thrift shops. there are no other inside tags at all except the one photographed. i 'think' that inside zipper is a ykk. could this be authentic? thanks!
    1kooba.jpg 1koobain.jpg

    Hi, ladies. Missed you guys. Just really busy at work - getting ready to retire. It's been so long, that I'm not sure about this one. The leather looks too evenly pebbled to me. But then again, some of the later Siennas had pebbled leather - nutmeg, metallic army. I would say that if this one is authentic, it's probably a nutmeg one from that era. The seller told my friend that the reason it's priced so low is because the lining is stained, but she's going to clean it before sending out to the buyer. She allegedly bought it at Neiman Marcus but has no tags or receipts. She has very little feedback. So, I'm wary and have told my friend not to buy it. But then again, don't want to keep her from a good deal if this is indeed just that, the "real deal". Help please. :loveeyes: