Authenticate this Kooba!!!

  1. Kooba Marcelle Cognac :nuts: :sweatdrop: :graucho: :drool:

    All comments, observations, opinions welcome - I need them asap. Thanks girls!




  2. Anyone?
  3. Looks good to me!!
  4. I hope it is authentic ... :s
  5. The lighting makes it shiner than it really is. It looks great and the plastic film covering over the inner Kooba plate is still there. Thumbs up!

    LOLOL....We must have some new emoticons added. I was looking for a thumbs up and didn't find one but there is a feminist one who is carrying a sign that says "To Hell with Penises". Yes, really it does. I looked twice to make sure! Bwahahaha
  6. :roflmfao:

    Also, note my new signature ...
  7. Cute! (but you may have to fight Lexie for that title)
  8. I know you might not want to post the link in case a TPF'er might snatch it up, but it's best to provide the link so we can check all sorts of telltale signs - feedback, if they hide userids, etc. It's hard to tell from pictures because even if the bags are real in them, that's not necessarily the bag you might receive.
  9. This bag is not on eBay - it's from a private seller, I just happened to find it. She says she does have receipt, original tags and dustbag and bought it in New York at Daszign.
  10. Haha, nope, she gave me the title !
  11. Yes, I officially named her The Fondler. Sick, aren't I?
    But there are plenty more names to go round. Since there isn't many K words we have to be inventive.
    I Covet Koobas
    KooKoo for Koobas! LOLOL

  12. There is a website, where you can make your own banner.

    I will try and find it for you. I need to check a different pc. LOL.

  13. Hey Cheekers,

    It is Authentic but looks used.
  14. I Use Flaming Text for Banners. I wanted Flames but we aren't allowed animated gifs...boohoo.

    Hey Fondler...look what I found in my photobucket. A pic of my Marcelle. For comparison purposes anyway.