Authenticate this Kooba Nicole

  1. What do you guys think?

    eBay item no: 260095114565

  2. The Bag looks fine. Hard to authenticate because there are no fakes of it made yet. The problem I have is buying a higher priced item from a person with such low feedback. You don't get an idea of their success track record. She is selling 2 Koobas and a Botkier. Maybe she is a seller who stopped selling under an acct because all of it's feedback became public and there were negatives. I'd write and ask her alot of questions before bidding.
    Love that bag!!!
  3. Thanks for the response. Yip, I'm also concerned about her feedback. I've been comparing the eBay pic to the one pic on and the pic on the Saks website. One thing that concrens me a little is the hardware color. On Saks' website it deifintely looks steel-colored, but it's more gold on Kooba, same as the eBay one. The dept stores always have such horrible pics, I wonder if this is intentional.:confused1:
  4. Just looking at the pics which are obvioulsy real, I am not worried about the bags authenticity as much as the lack of info we have on the seller. They may be fine but they would have to have bought those bags for retail somewhere so how could they afford to sell them cheap. Unless they are a BIG seller with Bag accounts but have seperate ebay ID's. That is more what bothers me.
  5. Sorry to sound uninformed, but what does that mean? :confused1:
  6. Some people who sell large amounts of designer bags have accts with the Companies themselves. You have to have big bucks and find a Kooba Rep that will take you on as a client. Then you get all the bags new from Kooba itself at a very nice discount. That is why alot of these sellers can afford to sell on ebay less than retail.
    My thought is maybe she is a Big seller to be able to obtain the bags and she is using a new Ebay ID for some reason. But she is only selling 3 bags. You can't just buy a couple of bags from a kooba Rep. You have to buy a minimum. So that is why the low feedback bothers me. Otherwise she is buying the bags at retail at, lets say Saks, and then selling them for less? Doesn't make sense.
  7. Thanks, you learn something new everyday. :supacool: