Authenticate This Kathy van Zeeland

  1. A few years back, I received a Kathy van Zeeland bag for a birthday present. My friend recently asked what kind it was and how much it cost so she could get one, but after looking around, I can't seem to find anything like it on the KvZ website or even Google or eBay. I'm not even sure if this is a KvZ bag any more. Help?
    KvZ1.JPG KvZ2.JPG
  2. I just received a Kathy Van Zeeland purse from eBay. It has the original tag, the crown imprint on the bottom, the same crown zipper, lining, and her tag on the inside.

    I noticed there's a hole in the lining of the purse. I can fix it, but I was wondering if it means the purse could possibly be a fake, or if the buying bought it bad and didn't say anything, or ripped it themselves. It also has terrible stitching all down that seam. That's the only part of the purse I noticed is like that (besides a small hole in the corner of one of the slip pockets)

    Is it possible for a Kathy purse to come ripped like that? Are there any other ways to spot if it's a fake. It has all of her stuff, so it seems real.

    I couldn't fit the picture into the attachments so here are pictures of the purse (click the arrows or pictures to view more):
  3. I may be wrong, but I don't think there are even fake Kathy Van Zeeland bags out there. Truthfully, the quality isn't that great on KVZ bags.
  4. Hmm, I had never thought about it. I thought they were fairly popular, as I was surprised to see there wasn't a section for KVZ, but you probably know more than I, and you are probably right about the quantity of them.

    Thanks for your input. :smile:

    Any more thoughts or suggestions on this?
  5. I don't see how to edit a, I found that it was not poorly stitched, someone intentionally ripped the seam (it had 2 lines of thread across it to secure it and they ripped 1). As for the hole, I don't know. But I don't believe it is a knock off. :smile:
  6. Yeah, the bags can be found fairly cheap at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. No reason to make fakes.
  7. KVZ quality is terrible! I purchased one 2 years back and it wasn't so cheap here in Malaysia. For the amount I paid, I'd rather invest in Braun Buffel. The poor quality of the stiching, the glue stain and everything else just seems to be not proper. When I email to complaint to KVZ, they just simply brush it off and didn't even offer any replacement. Lucky my local store is kind enough to exchange with another. After that I swear never to buy any KVZ again..
  8. yea i work at macy's and they're considered a lower end brand, so i really dont think anyone would take the time to make a fake of it
  9. When I looked at the pictures you posted, it looked like the stitches were coming undone on the seam. I find it hard to believe that the seller didn't notice that before he/she sold it to you.
  10. i can't imagine anyone going through the trouble to fake a kathy van zeeland bag.
    sorry to anyone that likes them, but they just aren't much in demand, and aren't good quality to begin with.
    also, they are very affordable, so what would be the point of a fake?
  11. To azura, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. It is good you got an exchange.

    And ArmCandyLuvr, after inspecting it I did realize, like I said, that someone intentionally ripped it....I don't see why someone would do that. And even if the seller didn't notice it they should have inspected properly. I have a feeling they got it next to nothing and are selling it as more to make a profit, so they probably are aware of the terrible quality. So much for "new, with tags!".

    I've left bad feedback, but idk if it's worth demanding a refund for. I still like the overall bag and I use it....I just wish people were more honest.

    And alliemia, I've never bought one of her's before. I just thought some were cute, and I thought if I could get one cheap (even $90 isn't in my price range) I'd get one. I thought they were supposed to be designer though, just lower-end...
  12. scared here i just bought my mother a Kathy Van Zeeland be stitched bleted shopper bag in black (its fabrick with metalic crowns and words all over it very cute) for christmas it was so cute i caved in (i had a long hatered for the brand ever since i became aware of their existance in 2006) and bought the cork version and i must say i love the bag. it hold more than my tonal coach carly purse (wich is good cuz im a girl who has to have all her desginer goods in her purse, wallet, coin purse, flap wristlet check book holder- all of it) and im worried that i might get attached to this bag and it bust in a year or two~ nonono please tell me if there bag quality!