Authenticate This JUICY COUTURE

  1. On youtube search for: How to spot a fake juicy couture bag.
  2. Hello,

    some help please..

    Are juicy track suits made in vietnam now? the The 1 saw(not at a juicy store) has a small tag off the big tag saying made in vietnam.

    thank you in advance.
  3. The bag is real. 100% positive. I have owned many Juicy bags, and know the real deal. Not sure what the other member is seeing to claim it fake. :p
  4. I watched the video to see what the Youtuber was saying...what she's saying is all correct. It just confirms the authenticity of this bag. :p
  5. The wallet looks good to me. I'm just not sure why there are no stampings like "Charge it!" on other places where credit cards are supposed to go. Then again, I have not owned one of the newer Juicy Couture wallets yet. I'd go with real, but just to be sure I'd wait for another person's opinion here.
  6. I got this at Saver's. I am not too familiar with this brand but I think it is authentic. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    juicy7.JPG juicy6.JPG juicy5.JPG juicy3.JPG juicy2.JPG
  7. looks good to me :smile:
  8. Hello everyone! I just found your awesome forum and have a question about 2 bags I have, the first is a Juicy Couture laptop bag. Hopefully I do this right in adding the photos.

    Thank you in advance for any info.
    Juicy1.JPG Juicy2.JPG Juicy3.JPG Juicy4.JPG Juicy5.JPG
  9. Thank you sooo much!!! It was only $2.99!
  10. killer deal!!! congrats
  11. this is authentic ;)
  12. Whew! Thanks!!! I didn't pay anything for it. Traded some of my daughter's outgrown clothes! But gives me peace of mind since I did just sell it on eBay (before I found this forum LOL)
  13. Ok thanks! will ask for those phots right away from the seller. :smile: