Authenticate This JUICY COUTURE

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    It says Juicy Couture los Angeles, California on the inside tag of the bag. Is it authentic?
  2. A friend of mine bought this purse on eBay and wants to resell it, I would be interested if it's genuine :smile: Here are the pictures:

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  3. Its fake. See my previous post for details how to spot a fake juicy couture.
  4. Someone please authenticate this bag. Thanks
  5. Thought so, thank you for confirming :biggrin:
  6. You are most welcome :smile:
  7. Need more pictures (inside/tags/pockets, etc)
  8. this is authentic :smile: ;)
  9. this looks authentic to me...Only thing is that I'm guessing that the dustbags are different for baby items, but if they aren't then I'd want to have a closer look at the bag. Also, the zipper pulls if they have any Juicy trademarks. But overall it looks good imo
  10. Thanks so much for authenticating the bag for me! Super excited for it to arrive now!! :smile:
  11. Hey all,
    This is the only Juicy purse that I have personally come across that has this hot pink label with a different font on it.
    Was curious why the difference in the tag and what this DayDreamer's style name is? I thought the canvas and leather combo was odd along with the giant acrylic cherry charm and the out-of-place metal ring. The purse is terrycloth.
    I've seen this purse online only twice before, 1 in this same aqua and a pink one.
    Probably gonna sell it, I'd like to provide the most accurate details as possible.
    Thank you ~



  12. Does this look authentic? Do you need more photos of the interior?

    thank you
    yellowfront.jpg yellowdetail.jpg yellowback.jpg