Authenticate This JUICY COUTURE

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    Please post any questions about authentic items or sellers here.

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  2. Hi! I have a request on this thread:

    If you could help, that'd be great! I'd like to make this purchase soon and I'm excited. I'm absolutely in love with this bag, so I hope it's authentic. (As you can tell by my username, I'm obsessed!)


    Or, to save time, here are the pics, taken by the seller:


    Real photos, not stock photos.:yes: Offered to me for $130 including shipping. Whaddya think?
  3. Yup, that Juicy bag is authentic. I have the same one, and it has all the details. I bought mine for about the same price when it went on sale at Nordies.
  4. So that's definitely a good price? Lucky you!! Thanks for the info, I am sure as heck getting this bag. It is gorgeous.

  5. My first time attempting this so I hope it works!! LOL

    Is this an authentic Juicy terry bowler?

    couture terry bowler001.JPG couture terry bowler002.JPG couture terry bowler003.JPG couture terry bowler004.JPG couture terry bowler007.JPG
  6. I hope I used the right thread. :rolleyes:

    Should I provide more pictures of the Juicy Couture Bowler?

    AZ Gal
  7. Here's a few things you can check
    1. Because this is from a cloth line the wording "Shop, Hello, and I am the fairest" should be pressed into the leather.

    2. The ending of the "I am the fairest" strap where it attaches to the hook should be stitched (Not a stud)

    3. Silver hardware usually means Silver leather pockets on the interior.

    4. The pink Made with love G&P label should open to reveal a series of stitckers, 1 should say YHRUO with the color name. The other should be a letter followed by a series of numbers. They aren't in any type of series. I believe they use the same numbers per season per style.

    5. Check to see if the sides of the zippers are stamped YKK,

    6. Lastly the interior lining colors should match the exterior colors.

    Hope this helps.

    Note to self-- take sleep aids after I am done typing whew!:sleepy:
  8. I wouldn't know if Juicy makes different size bowlers but this one is fairly small.

    This doesn't have silver on the outside nor inside but gold hardware; rings, zippers and grommets.
    There is a sticker on the inside pink tag which does match up to the tag which is attached to the outer bag[located where the ice cream cone is]. Didn't even notice the small white sticker inside the pink tag!! So thank you for that!!! LOL

    The words 'Hello', Shop! & Juicy Kiss!! are pressed into the material[like when a cow is branded].

    The sides of the zippers do all have YKK.

    The interior does match up to the outside color.

    Lastly, there is no strap inside this bag that has 'I am the fairest'. I don't know if that automatically makes it a fake.
  9. Don't worry about it not having the "I am the fairest" mirror strap, their are some styles that don't have a detatchable mirror.

    The YHRUO info inside the pink inner label I have not seen or heard of on a fake (yet).

    The fakers do put one like S263812608, but when Juicy added the YHRUO this past year the fake makers haven't caught on (again YET).

    Everything else seems to match up, it sounds like yours is authentic!!:tup:
  10. Woo hoo!!

    That is a relief! LOL

    The bag is made well and it shows.

    I've only seen one fake, as in right in front of me, and I could tell right away that it was so because it wasn't made of leather but of PVC. Uggh!!

    Many thanks for your help!!
  11. Another thing that I didn't mention was the 'J' that is hanging from the outer zipper. It has weight to it and although I wouldn't know how far a 'faker' would go to make their handbags look like or feel like the authentic ones..I doubt that small things like that they wouldn't take the time to duplicate.
  12. The first croc embossed one is probably a fake. The seller is using pictures straight from a China mfgr website that sells Juicy fakes.

    The second one looks good to me:tup:
  13. It looks like it is. I had the smaller version of this a few years ago, and everything looks the same. :okay: