Authenticate This Isabella Fiore!

  1. I was referring to keeping my buyers name private...not keeping my feedback private.

    IMO, this should have no impact on deciding whether to buy from a seller or will still be visible regarding the sellers prior transaction, just not theid of the person it came from.
    Keeps the buyers info private.
  2. anybody?
  3. It's real. I have the Drew in Black, this distressed brown (shown), red and mustard--never used the red or mustard. FAB bag!! Head-turner. Leather quality--impeccable--it creaks and smells DELICIOUS!! The Drew is really big--the Kate is very roomy and big enough--width is about 16". I hate being an IF fanatic!!
  4. Sorry, Mama--wallet's a fraud--they've gotten MOST of the fake Buried Treaure stuff off of eBay-- but if you see that orange scarf--THAT's the dead give-away!!! If you love leather, you won't even question that pleather material the fakes are done in!!!! Replica is almost exact in detail, though...... my first two were fakes but I sent them back within three days..... I won two Brittas, one Audra and one wallet-- even two of my pens were fake!! Death to fake IF sellers!!
  5. oRANGE SCARF IS always THE FAKE!!!
  7. What a wonderful bag! I hope you won the auction...
  8. I saw this really nice bag on eBay, and although someone has bought it, i would like to know if its authentic.


  9. it looks exactly like mine but i'm no expert. also, he has a long history with eBay and excellent feedback. i'd say go for it.
  10. Yes, this looks good to me too:tup:
  11. Thank you so much for your opinion. I'll go for it.
  12. sorry for the double post...