Scarves Authenticate This HERMÈS Scarf READ 1ST POST BEFORE POSTING!

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  1. Thank you!
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  4. This is authentic.
    it is a tag for franchise shops selling H scarves (most of these shops do not carry H any longer). Most of them were regular items and not (as the listing indicates) just made for this specific concessionaire.
  5. Thanks, DDC!
  6. I desperately need help to authenticate an Hermes birkin bag. How can I do that? I just join pf. Thanks
  7. Jump over to this thread and please read the first post to see exactly what's needed to get a bag authenticated.
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    Thanks for the reply! I have another question: I bought this beautiful "Citrouilles et Coloquintes 35" Silk in navy Scarf from a seller in Europe, Belgium, The scars' colours seem very accurate and sophisticated, but the seams are a little uneven, a little warped for a Hermes. All my other hermes scarves, store bought, are very evenly done at seams. Could it be because this one is an older one? Could it be a fake? Has anybody worked with this seller before? Any ideas on seams and how they age? They are not unrolled or anything, just bellow Hermes craftsmanship I think. perhaps a tad thinner silk than usual, but it could just be my impressions... Here is the scar:
  9. This is authentic (even with the few pics I can say that).
    Each Hermès scarf is a unique piece, especially the hems. They can be irregular, warped or whatsoever. I have been buying H for ages and I have many boutique bought items, which are new and have 'funny hems'. Of course, the hems do age. When a scarf is dry-cleaned, washed etc, it has an effect on the hems.
  10. Item: Hermes Paris Scarf Suspenders Les Sangles J. Metz 100% Silk 34" x 34"
    Item #: 350908851135

    Seller accepted my offer faster than I could submit my authentication request. Could you please let me know before I make payment? I couldn't find info on it in the scarf catalogs? Thank you so much!